Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Digg" This...

If you're a google reader user I hope you know, by now, about the impending implosion of reader tomorrow.  Almost immediately I started window shopping for another reader platform to display my 400 blogs that I like to follow (mostly wargaming).

Well "Digg" has a great reader that will conveniently and quickly import your google reader blogs into its reader platform that is very similar in functionality to our cozy, nice, familiar google reader.

So if you haven't moved your reader anywhere yet - try Digg out.  I am using it now and am just dead tired from the 4 mouse clicks it took me to import everything!

I'm still pissed at google for scrapping reader but at least I'll still have all of my beloved wargaming blogs in one place and can continue to follow your respective wargaming activities!

In laws will be here today...  So not much painting done in my future but I was thinking about spraying up a modern Soviet tank Battalion.

I hope everyone has a good day, afternoon, or night depending on your time zone.  And get your google stuff moved over ASAP!

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