Saturday, July 27, 2013

ANOTHER Horse & Musket Rebasing Project???

Another rebasing project underway.  

And from the upcoming projects I posted a few weeks back I am happy to report I've at least been working on 1 of the 4!  My Napoleonic Battalions are shaping up nicely and in the midst of all that, I've made some interesting decisions re basing...

I'm going to base all of my Horse & Musket troops on "Volley & Bayonet" sized "Regimental" bases of 3 inches long by 1.5 inches deep.

I'll give everyone a minute to catch their breath.

Here's why:  I love Volley & Bayonet.  I also "like" many other H&M rules sets and one day may even write one of my own.  With that in mind, Shako, one of my favorite rules sets, uses a set number of similar stands for battalions.  Black powder does the same.  So if the frontage is all that matters, why should it matter that I have only 1 stand as opposed to 3 or 4?  Especially if Casualties and diminishing frontages aren't a concern?  (Shako doesn't remove stands, neither do any of the more recent H&M games).

Plus the larger bases look neat too.

"But Steve" you're asking "what about Fire and Fury and Guns of Liberty??" Well to tell you the truth, I'm thinking of work-arounds for those games as well.  Fire and Fury I'm thinking the stands can be adjoined or placed front and back for depth if necessary, and for both those games, 1 Regimental sized Volley & Bayonet stand could well equal 3 Fire and Fury Stands, and they take up basically hte same amount of room.

Still skeptical?  Okay okay, you need some pictures.  I'll make a believer out of you all yet.

That being said, I've a boatload of lead and plastic headed for the spray booth for their undercoat, and an order of Soviet tanks waiting for theirs as well.

that is all.  Promise to upload pics as soon as I can!

PS I like it when an idea turns into a reality.  Now if only I could have the same clarity regarding WWII and Modern era rules sets.  Should I go with FFT3?  GHQ?  BKC?  Spearhead?  GOing to try some "big battles" out with my FFT rules and BKC rules and see how I like them all.


  1. I love it when a plan comes together. Sounds good to me.

    1. Part 1 of my evil plan! The regimental bases with the 15mm figs are going to look great - and, in my humble opinion - are going to work great for other rules sets like Black Powder, Shako, maybe even Guns of Liberty, Fire and Fury / Age of Eagles as well.

  2. It will be worth it. I finally just this year rebased all of my ACW figures on V&B bases. It had been years since I've used my figures for Johnny Reb so it was time.
    I believe V&B are some of the most elegant rules available today. Have you tried the lower battalion scale of V&B for AWI?

    1. Thanks, Mike. I figured you might not go for the idea of basing V&B ACW guys based on "regimental" stands. I actually used to play ACW at the Regimental level instead of the Brigade level using smaller bases and 6mm troops. I'm thinking of doing that instead at 15mm! A daunting task to say the least but one I'm relishing.
      I especially like the idea of "1 base fits all" for all of my games. Even for Guns of Liberty, it's still possible with some small adjustments in the rules.