Sunday, August 4, 2013

FINALLY! 14th Brooklyn Zuoave Regiment

I promised I'd get around to posting some pics of a somewhat "completed" project.  Here is the 14th Brooklyn Regiment.  An elite unit of Wadsworth's Division of the 1st US Corps from the 1863 Army of the Potomac.

These fellows were instrumental on the first day repelling Heth's initial assault and were present at the famous "railroad cut" where they enticed many a rebel soldier to surrender or face a really nasty volley.

These are the first unit of my new basing scheme were ALL horse and musket soldiers will be based on 3" long bases as an entire unit, enabling me to play them as Volley & Bayonet, Black Powder, ACWarmaster, or just about any other horse and musket system with a few minor adjustments.

These figs are 15mm Musket Minis.
everyone line up for the regimental photo!

no colors yet...working on that!

a view I'm hoping you dont see too often - retreat!  at least it's in "good order"

neat pic!  too bad the couch is behind it.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sean. I like how their facial expressions turned out. The pics don't do them justice. Either too much light or too little around here. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Very nice! I've found that Musket Minis look... less-than-special unpainted. When painted though, they really look nice. I have a bunch in my ACW army and my SYW army as well. Get ahold of Falcon's Garibaldi Guards sometime!

    1. Thanks John - you are very right about musket. Let's face it they are very plain figs. Most of the details go into the weapons and accouterments. That being said, you can't BEAT the price and if you're clever you can still make them look pretty good.

      You use the AWI troopers for your SYW army? Which line do you use? That's a splendid idea considering Old GLory SYW are wicked expensive.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. They look ready to fill a gap in the line! I like your basing scheme. it makes a unit really look the part. :-)

    1. ahhhh you're just being nice, Dave but thanks for the sentiment! I'm going to base all of the bloody lot on regimental stands and let the rules sort themselves out later.