Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reinforcements Enroute!

Just received a wonderful email from michigan toy soldier yesterday - my Zvezda "Hot War" 1/100 vehicles are in the mail!!

I will post pictures of them when they arrive.  Suffice to say I'm thrilled.  These will be some sorely needed assets boost to my modest force of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.  Here's what's on the TOE list for my Soviet forces now in 15mm - all this stuff is at home awaiting paintjobs:

5 x T-80 MBT (Quality Castings)
3 x BMP-2 IFV (Quality Castings)
2 x BRDM-2 Recce (Quality Castings)
50 x individual infantrymen from Command Decision minis
"client states"
6 x T-55 (Quality Castings)
1 x T-62A (Quality Castings)

I will be receiving a Battalion's worth (at 1:4) of T-72 tanks and BTR-70 APCs in the mail, along with 2 x Hind-D Gunships for combat air support.  Also ordered US Armor and IFVs as well - more on those later.

Going to outfit the T-80 battalion in the tan on green camo scheme and the T-72s will be just the opposite with a tan base and green and black "squiggles" painted on.  the BTRs will be in the same scheme as the T-72s. while the T-80s will be in the same scheme as the BMPs.

The plan is to sell off my 6mm micro armor, 10mm Napoleonics, and all my unpainted adler lead ACW figs to continue to finance my 15mm binges.  This zvezda purchase was a long time coming and I had set aside money all summer to purchase it.  Now it's a reality!  Pics to follow when the package arrives!  huzzah!


  1. That's going to be magnificent spread across the battlefield! What client states do you plan to do? Some Poles would be cool.

    1. Ben,
      The T-55s will be Arab, I'm thinking the T-72s can be East German, Polish, or Czech haven't decided yet. I didn't mention this but I ordered some CD M-48 tanks and Centurions for AIW gaming. That's what the T-55s are for!

    2. Steven, I'm also in the Philadelphia area and would love to get in some modern games. Drop me a line at

      Ken. (

    3. Ken,
      Outstanding - I saw you posted a game from the gaming store in Jenkintown. Awesome! I'll drop you a line.