Monday, October 28, 2013

World War II 15mm WIP: Back to Basics...

I've been doing alot of crazy stuff lately.  Painting orcs and building gaming tables and what not.  I thought since the Nappy progress and ACW progress was winding down (at least for now) I would start up some brand new WWII units - these of a more elite flavor.

Enter the US Airborne, British Paras, and Soviet SMG gunners!  All 15mm, all are Old Glory or Battlefront, and all will be joining their 15mm compatriots during GHQ and BKC games.  Huzzah!

All are still in progress and have a few days to go.  I thought I could switch between WWII and AWI projects each day.

still need to add camo to their smocks and detail their webbing.

the old glory guys have alot of pizzazz...

The faces look like the guys from  the"Band of Brothers" miniseries.

painting mini US flags was a pain. 

Very happy with how they are turning out though and will have a Battalion of them soon enough.

Soviet SMG Gunners.  Need a few more details and they'll be good to go!

Surprise!  Pennsylvania Militia Man in 15mm AWI.


  1. Great looking "band of Brothers" group, lovely paintwork!

    1. Thanks Phil. I like how they turned out. Wait until you see the rest of the gang!

  2. Flags in 15mm Steven...Madness!

    Nice WIP all around.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Time for me to get back into proper painting.