Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Tree Stands & The World War II Project

I was going to split this post into 2 posts but frankly it's not that interesting...

Thanks Ken for the great idea to use wooden sabots (say-bo) for my forest stands.  This is cleaner than felt on a gaming table that's flocked and it looks nice in my opinion.

I purchased these large circles at a local craft store, spray painted them, sprinkled sand on while wet, spray painted again and waited until they dried.  Then I dry brushed them a tan-earth color, glued some static grass down, and then glued some on some trees.
The large circle holds 3 trees and I included a PSC 15mm Panzer IVH for scale.

The drybrushing turned out nice.

some heavier strokes than others gives it a more earthy look.

The smaller disks - these will work great for skirmish games as well.

Comrade Commissar checking out the woods for deserters.  Figure is on a 1" square base to give you an idea of how large my smaller tree stands are. 

German Panzer IIIs waiting for detailing and dry brushing.  The Shermans have a nice new coat of real OD on them now as well.  You can't really see but there are a bunch of US 57mm AT Guns as well as Russian ZIS trucks in there also.  To make my wife happy, all of this stuff was bought years ago and I haven't had to actually buy anything (yet).

And now to the fun part.  The World War II Project!  I am starting to enjoy flames of war if only for its simplicity of play.  I am not constantly looking up things and the procedures are fairly straightforward.

 So here's the deal - all of my 15mm World War II stuff is based for squad and platoon level games (Crossfire, GHQ, BKC, etc) where a stand is a squad or platoon.  That's not a show stopper for FoW - I just have to create some more stands which is a win-win as it gives me more forces for those other games anyways.  Today I painted up some mid-war German tanks with their basecoat and repainted ALL my US Army vehicles and will be painting up a boatload more Russians along with mucho transport to carry them.  Should give me a nice rounded and flexible force for Flames of War also, if I wanted to use an infantry company or tank company, I'll have either to choose from.
hordes of Infantry!  Here are US Airborne, German, British Paras, and of course Russians.

and more Russians (lower left) and more Russians (upper left).  


  1. I dont' know how you could paint so many figures and models !!!
    It's so strange for me to see that ! (when I have 20 figures on my table, I find that's it's a lot ....)

    Nice trees bases!

    1. Thanks, Sam. I dont know how I manage without losing my mind to be honest with you.

  2. Nice work all around Steven. You have been very busy indeed!

    1. Thanks, Paul. Just wait until you see the finished panzers and shermans!

  3. Very nice work...and very impressive!

  4. The trees do look good. I think Flames of War is a fun game, but not much of a simulation; much prefer Command Decision.
    FoW has really rejuvenated WW II gaming.

    1. Thanks, Mike. My thoughts exactly. FoW is alot of fun, but if I'm in the mood for something a little more sophisticated, I'll play GHQ, BKC, FFT3 or try out Command Decision III. I have not been able to read through the CD rules book yet but I'm working on it!