Saturday, February 15, 2014

Black Powder "Big" ACW Game

Finally got around to playing a larger game of Black Powder with my newly based 15mm ACW miniatures.  This game featured 2 Brigades of 1 Confederate Division, attacking a small Union Division also of 2 Brigades.  There were 2 objectives, closer to the Union side.  So this Union Division of only 4 Regiments, would have to defend along a wide frontage to cover both objectives, without enough units to comfortably cover the space.
Rebel brigade stepping off on the attack!

Union Regiments marching in column to the Objective (the coin to their front)

Lone Union Regiment of O'Leary's Brigade step off towards their objective at the knoll.

The rebs have already spotted the Yanks taking up position at that blasted fenceline!  This is going to a day of hard-fightin'!!

Rebs show up in full force! 

Rebel artillery set up on a hilltop overlooking the fields

 The Rebel attack got off to a slow start.  The right-most Brigade didn't step off until late, leaving the left, larger brigade to go it alone with no artillery support.  Some good rolling on the Union's side and the good thinking of having its Regiments in column enable them to get there quicker with passed command rolls.  The Union troops reach the safety of the fenceline and rock wall and set up their defense well in front of the Objective.  The Corps commander realizes this is a tough task to defend this frontage so he's charged his brigade commanders to defend as far forward as possible, buying time to bring up reinforcements.  The object of the game is to keep the Rebels from reaching the objectives.

The Yanks pour fire into the rebels as they cross the farm fields, reaping a deadly harvest!

One Rebel Regiment destroys itself against these stalwart troopers.

On the Union left, O'Leary's Brigade must defend the knoll with 1 Regiment of Infantry and a light Artillery Battery.  It's not going to be easy!

Tough, gritty combat.  The Rebs close with the Zouaves and are pushed back!  

The Rebels push through, the Zouaves are pushed back!
 The Rebels have a tough round of combat and push the Zouave Regiment back, however they also lose a Regiment in the attack.  The Yanks are holding on and wheel a Regiment 90 degrees to pour enfilading fire into the Rebel flank.

On the Union left, O'Leary's Brigade is hanging on by its fingernails.  And the Artillery is earning their pay today! 

meanwhile the larger Rebel Brigade is wiped out thanks to enfilading Artillery and Infantry fire.

The Rebels swarm O'Leary's Brigade for a third attempt!

O'Leary is pushed back but is not out!  All of the Rebel Regiments are shaken.

Meanwhile, the Rebel Brigade Commander from the left searches through his field glasses for traces of his brigade.

Colonel O'Leary, the hard-fighting, hard-drinking Philadelphia police captain
This game was a narrow Union Victory.  The Rebels do not manage to actually capture any objectives when their right brigade becomes completely shaken.  They will need to rally some of those casualty markers off if they were to continue, however casualties are too great to continue on.  The Union wins the day, but just barely.

I will need to paint up MORE casualty markers but this game was alot of fun.  I like how the units look with the 24 stand Regiments - much more realistic than my previous basing schemes.

So check another block off of my stay-cation goals!  I have gamed Combat Team and Black Powder!

I need to obviously paint up more ACW units, rebase my AWI guys for Black Powder, and keep cranking out more Napoleonic stands.


  1. Darn you! Now I want to unlimber my ACW stuff and have at it!

    1. John,
      No reason why you can't! Any time is a good time for ACW!!

  2. I have been wanting to pick up a copy of Black Powder simply for the read-through aspect. What do you think, is it worth the purchase?

  3. What a hard fight! And what a great report...nice job!

  4. Dave,
    I have it and purchased Hail Caesar as well. It's a clever set of rules and it is very easy to play. I haven't tried a historical game with it yet but so far it has been very enjoyable. You should def pick up a copy. When you guys relocate we will play a game!