Monday, February 10, 2014

Stay-cation (vacation @ home)

So it's that time of the year again.  Time for another mental-reset and the chance to catch up on things around the house and down in the wargaming-bunker!  In between cleaning, painting, hanging closet doors and the like I'll be painting my miniatures, basing, and hopefully getting in some games to post on the blog here.

Tonight I'm hoping to replay the epic ostfront "Big Push" game from the Christmas offensive of 2013 but with my own Combat Team! Rules instead of the Flames of War rules I used.  Frankly, I don't know if my table is big enough!  Also an epic Black Powder game is in order this week, if I can get all my Nappies rebased (last time rebasing them, I promise).

I thought I would try out Charles Grant's "Battle" once again using squad stands (rules taken from the "Old School Wargaming" yahoogroups site.)

So here's what's in the lineup this week:

  • Finish up my 15mm Warsaw Pact Motor Rifle Battalion (BTR-80 & accompanying infantry).
  • Finish up my 15mm Israeli Infantry Company & M113s.
  • Rebase my Nappies on 30cm square stands, 4 to a stand.  (Battalions of 6 stands, 24 figures)
  • Paint up 2 x more Nappy Battalions, British & French
  • Break out my 15mm Romans and Gauls and rebase for Hail Caesar!
  • Start assembling the Stug-IIIs and Shermans from Open Fire, and the Panzer IVs from Christmas
  • Game Combat Team! and Black Powder