Monday, March 31, 2014

Petner Panzer Comparison Shots & WWII German Camo WIP

Greetings Everyone,
  Per Paul's request from Plastic Warriors, I took a few shots of 2 completed Petner Panzers, a T-62 and a T-72.  The T-62 is a big model compared to the T-72.  There are also some finished pics of the Zvezda T-72 and BTR-80 in there.

  I also took some pictures of my re-painted German troops, based up for Rate of Fire and Men Under Fire.  2 highly under-rated WWII games in my humble opinion.

Side by Side comparison.  

Much taller

Still a pretty sweet model

German Squad wearing a hybrid Pea Dot camo with the Oak Leaf colors.

German Squad Leader

I used a tooth pick for most of the dots

Armourfast Light MG


  1. Love those "pea dot" cammos! Guaranteed to destroy both sight and sanity. Still I love to do them. I have a whole SS section with AT gun in the autumn "Stumpfmuster" cammo. (I think that's the one.)

    1. Thanks, John. I, too, love the German camo but I have always had such a difficult time painting it, especially on 15mm troopers. So I figured I'd give it another shot on 20mm guys since I'm going to be playing alot more 20mm in the coming months (as soon as I've finished my "new" German platoon).

      I'm still not happy with the results and I'm going to keep plugging away. The second squad and the HQs section will hopefully turn out better. I dont want them looking like they're wearing "leopard print" smocks!!!

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. That camo looks very convincing. Well done. Are those Pegasus figures?

    1. Michael,
      thank you - as I said in John's reply, I'm not totally happy with them yet, but at least they look like they're wearing some sort of German camouflage.

      The figures are actually Caesar minis, I think the Panzergrenadier Set #1, and the LMG gunner is from the Armourfast MG kit.

  3. I'm liking the cold war posts as of late. They put an icy, chill on this old cold-war soldiers heart. ha!

    I like the results from your masking. It has been quite effective.

    1. David,
      I am starting to "warm up" to Cold War stuff again. Just wait until I start getting some modern Flames of War, FFT3, and "Combat Team!" games on the table!! I'll have you buying QRF tanks. Right now my Soviet horde stands at 6 T-80s, 6 BTR-80s, 6 T-72B, 2 BRDM2, 7 T-72A, and 7 T-62, and 9 T-55. The challenge is deciding what the Cold War GSFG forces will look like, compared to my "worldwide-OPFOR" units. At 15mm, this collection is really expensive and I only purchase about 3 to 4 vehicles per month.

      Will most likely outfit the OPFOR middle eastern units with all my T-55s and a platoon of T-62s - the rest of the fleet goes to Germany and Czechoslovakia!

      The masking with the putty is great. Frankly I dont know why I didn't try it sooner. For those of us without airbrushes, it's the way to go.

  4. They really are gems Steven. First class pieces of plastic goodness!

    Great buy.

    1. Paul,
      I owe it all to you. I would not have bought them without your recommendation. Just wait until I get the Battalion (1:4) painted up of the T-72 and the T-62. I'll be ready to storm Fulda in a few weeks. Now if only I could scare up more Americans...