Saturday, March 22, 2014

Petner Panzers Anyone?

So this may be taboo, but has anyone had much exposure to 1/87 models?  I just purchased a Petner Panzer plastic T-72 at 1/87 scale.  I have heard rumblings that as long as they're not mixed, 1/87 scale could potentially fit on a 1/100 battlefield and not look completely ridiculous (like clown-car ridiculous).

I know there has to be some experience out there with mixing or attempting to mix the two at least on the same table (not in the same unit).  For the price of a T72, I couldn't resist picking one up.  The T-62 is slightly more expensive so I'll wait and see how the T-72 looks.  Anyone have any thoughts on the topic?  Meanwhile, I'll sit here patiently waiting for your reply...


  1. I use 1/87th Matchbox vehicles with my 15mm without anyone complaining. Just keep them well away from the 1/100th ones!

  2. Thanks, AH. I'm looking at using them for other Soviet or Pact battalions on the board with 15mm Quality Castings and Command Decision Minis. I'd like to have a battalion or so of the 1/87 vehicles, then another battalion of the 15mm vehicles.

    Thanks for chiming in.

  3. I am mixing them at present, however each vehicle I am using represents a Bn sized asset so the effect of scale creep will not be the same.

    I say go for it if the price is right, and I think I know where you got them so the price is right! Those T62's do seem a tad overpriced but probably worth it.

    Just grab 20 or so for me!

    I will show a mixed 1/87 and 15mm stand later tonight so that may give you some indication of what I mean.

    Just do it Steven!

    1. Paul,
      That sounds like a ringing endorsement! Consider it done. Looking forward to your post - that will help me out tremendously. Send my your mailing address and I'll make sure you receive some reinforcements.

      Yeah what a good deal I thought. Especially considering what QRF, Quality Castings, and Command Decision charge for their minis.

      Thanks Paul!

  4. Thanks a kind gesture Steven. Lets see if there are any left first!