Friday, March 28, 2014

Red Steel - Soviet & Russian 15mm Armor!

Well I was finally able to get a blog post in!  I painted these guys earlier in the week, using my yellow tac with spray paint.  This is my current Soviet horde with 6 x T-80 models, 4 T-72B models, 3 BMP-2's, and 4 BTR-80s.  They are base coated in tan, with yellow tac applied then resprayed in a dark green.

I really like how they turned out, and priority #1 or #2 in the hobby world is to get them detailed appropriately (tracks, stowage, weapons, etc).  At either scale (1:1 or 1:4) I'll have some tough Soviet armor to break through NATO positions!
T-80s.  The camo has nice, smooth lines.  Still need to paint tracks, external ammo boxes, etc

Recce BRDM-2 in there too.  I have the AT-5 version of him primed and ready to go!


Fierce T-72B which I can add a few boxes and they'll look like T-90s.

BTR new paint job.  Still needs the tires painted and some weathering but I am really liking the 2 color camo.  I will most likely NOT add the black squiggly lines like the real Ivans have.

These Zvezda T-72s are sweet!

Quality Casting T-80s.

Awesome pic!  


  1. Lookin' good! I might have to pick up some of those 1/100 Zvezda T-72's....

    1. Thanks, Chuck. I'm super happy with how they turned out. THe tac putty gives you nice, smooth lines without an airbrush! These zvezda T-72s are a must-have for any 15mm / 1-100 cold war force! They could very easily stand in for T-90s also.

  2. Beautiful and very impressive Steven!

    1. Thank you, Phil! I'm happy with them. Just wait until I get more support weapons, artillery, and the infantry with them.

  3. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

    1. Thank you Archduke! I already played 1 short "Combat Team" game with them the T-80s against the T-72s (Ukrainians vrs Russians!) and my modern mods worked out really well. Pictures soon!

  4. Wow! That worked really well.
    I have finally decided to give the method a try as well, that is if my kits ever arrive. I've read several places that "white tac" is the best version to use for masking. I'm not sure why though.
    The table and scenery are looking great as well, by the way.

    1. Ben,
      The lines are much, much smoother for camo design and the final product looks better than with a brush in my humble opinion.
      I used the yellow tac and I have blue tac that arrived in the mail yesterday so I can try this stuff out on some more models.
      I highly recommend it. I'm very happy with how these vehicles turned out.

      I'll still use a paintbrush for my NATO vehicles however, with the 3 tone.

      Thanks for commenting,