Monday, March 24, 2014

T-72 Re-Paint,Future Campaign Plans, and 300th Post!

Greetings All,
Today I am flirting with my first time using "yellow-tac" for spray painting models.  Well - the tac went ON beautifully.  Unfortunately I can't say the same for my "skunked" model master dark green which apparently decided it wasn't going to mix properly even after an eternity of shaking.  So I have a sloppy looking mess and the tac got all melty...SO going to dust off and try on another model.
Some of the places where I pulled the tac off got smudgy with leftover tac.  But I like the smoother lines.  In most cases, it looks better than when I use a brush. 
I will say though, when I did manage to get some of the tac off, the model actually turned out with realistic looking camouflage.  So I'll keep using the tac...and more reliable paints.
You can see it still on the barrel
Not his best side...

So all in all, I think I'm going to try this out another few times and see how it gets.  If it gets good, I'll post more pictures.  Also needs detailing and decals.  More to follow on the T-72 refurb adventures.

Well with the exception of the NEXT Nor'easter which is headed up the Atlantic Coast, I'm greatly hoping this is the kick off of campaign season.  I have alot of projects on the fire now and would love to see some of them pay off in a game, eventually.

Looking forward, I will be putting Black Powder through its paces by gaming Loison and Kellerman's attack against the British 50th Foot on the hill south of Vimeiro.  I may have just enough battalions painted up for that attack.

Also - and who doesn't like "one brain cell" rules?  I am going to try a similar battle with the "Junior General" rules which are battle rules made for school kids to teach them about history.  Mr Fritz's rules are very straightforward and they look like a cracking good time.  Check out his site at and click on scenarios.  Gettysburg looks like alot of fun, as does Quatre Bras.

And this is Sound Officers Call's 300th post!  That's alot of brainpower for a guy like me!


  1. Good job reaching 300! I like the T-72 camo, I usually use a 1/4 inch flat brush 'cause I think it makes the camo look like its been painted by the crew with their tshirts dipped in paint!
    Keep up the good work and don't hesitate to get some gaming going.

    1. Thanks, Chuck. You should see them now. I repainted the one above with just dark green and tan. They look pretty sweet. As soon as I get my camera, I'll upload some pics tomorrow.

      As a matter of fact, I did get a game in today. With all the "ivans" on the news lately, I played a Russian - Ukrainian battle with the Russians in T-90s and BTRs (courtesy of Zvezda) vrs Ukrainians in T-80s with BMPs dug in.
      The Russkies won by a hair. Better cohesion and the T-90 is a MONSTER tank!!!

  2. Happy 300.

    Spartans, what is your profession? AaoooooooohH!