Thursday, June 26, 2014

15mm French Foot Battery & British Battalions

The summer of Horse & Musket marches on with the addition of 3 new units for my Napoleonic forces, all based for the Black Powder rules.

First up is a French Foot Battery in full dress.  This unit will serve as Division Artillery, attached to my Brigade of French troops.  For the size of forces I have in mind, I'll only need 2 or 3 batteries for a proper game so by that logic I should paint approximately 4 batteries :)

They painted up easily enough.

dark blue undercoat followed by light blue highlighting.  There was too much facial hair on the figures to mess around with shading.

I have to confess - most of them were already painted.  I purchased them on ebay years ago.  I rebased them for Black Powder.

A stand I painted and snuck into the line.

2 Battalions.  Still need flock but at least they're done!  I have about 2 more British Battalions to base.  My pre-painted French are all wearing bicornes but I might base at least a battalion of them just to fill out the ranks!
Lots of news on the hobby front.  My Rapid Fire German and Russian Battalions are finished.  Just waiting on the halftracks to dry overnight before dullcoating them and flocking the bases.  I will be painting up 2 companies of T-34s and 2 SU-76 Batteries to go with the Russian Battalion.

In other news, my Flames of War 6mm troopers are doing well.  I finished another Soviet T-34 company and am ready to start the infantry company next.  My German Panzer Kompanie is almost all finished save for the HQs element of the infantry platoon!  I do believe we are almost ready for a proper 6mm game, save for the Hummels, Soviet Artillery, and aircraft!!


  1. Excellent work, love the artillery and the crew especially!

    1. Thank you, Phil. The Old Glory figures are always very animated and easy to paint. On the wargaming front, they equate to sorely needed firepower for my 15mm French troops!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Michael. I must confess I did not paint 95% of the Brits in this post but soon I will run out of painted British and start painting new Battalions. Thanks for commenting!