Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Epic Haul from Paul

A few weeks ago I received a package from Paul over at Plastic Warriors (thank you, Paul!) that was sent as a trade for some Fidelis 1/87 Roskopf Cold War models I sent him.  The return package I received can only be described as "epic!"
Paul sent 4 1/72 M2/3 Bradley IFVs, 2 1/72 M1 Abrams tanks, and a horde of 1/72 DAK Troops, many of whom are quite rare.

These will definitely be put to good use.  The DAK troops will be painted based for my Bolt Action skirmish wargaming units, and the Bradleys will be put into commission for my modern skirmish wargaming.  Coupled with my "Forces of Valor" 1/72 Brads, these will be part of my "drive on Baghdad" campaign where I'll put them with my 3d Infantry Division troopers.  Either that or I'll use them for 2-2 Infantry Fallujah campaign.  The Brads and the tanks need a little bit of TLC but I am looking forward to trying out my skills with the refurb.  

I probably won't get them as nice as Paul could, but I'm hoping they will be tolerable for the wargaming front!  Either way, Paul saved me a ton of $$ as 1/72 Bradleys are expensive and M1s are as well.
M1A1 Abrams MBTs  The main gun had fallen off his wingman tank but that's an easy fix!

4 Bradley IFVs.  I have 3 other "Forces of Valor" Bradleys that will go nicely with them.

The "motorpool" shot which has become famous here at SOUND OFFICERS CALL


I love the detail.  I just need to clean up a few things and he'll be ready for action.

DAK troopers.  These guys are awesome!!  I was not impressed with the poses in the Caesar DAK troops I bought, so these guys from Paul are just what I needed to complete the force!

A rare day off today will be spent finishing up my RAPID FIRE German and Soviet WW2 Battalions as well as cleaning up my 6mm MicroArmor units for "Micro" Flames of War, which I am getting excited about!!!  So far I've got a German PanzerKompanie almost complete with the following units based for 6mm Flames of War:

  • Company HQs with 2 Mk IVh and a Recovery Vehicle.
  • 2 Mk IVh platoons (10 total)
  • 1 Infantry Platoon almost complete, just need to finish the command stand and 251/10 Halftrack
  • Soviets have 1 tank company finished and I have started on 1 rifle platoon from a rifle company which will eventually be a moto-strelkovy battalion.  

With Flames of War using micro-armor, you can field ALL the support elements you want as 1 pack of infantry is only 10 bucks and you get 72 figures.  Heavy weapons are the same story.  10 dollars for a HW pack gets me a mortar platoon, MG platoon, command, engineers, etc!  Why didn't I think about this sooner?  I put an order in with Litko for the "micro" Flames of War template which is a half-sized artillery template.  I promise to post pics soon. I think Flames of War is ideal for micro-armor games and I have been very excited about playing some massive games with my micro armor, including modern games  (Team Yankee in Flames of War is completely do-able).  With my space limitations (6' x 4' table) Flames of War in 15mm had numerous drawbacks to it.

Don't think I've forgotten about the "Summer of Horse and Musket" either!  2 British Battalions finished for the Peninsula and 1 French Foot Battery completed, all for Black Powder!

When I can get the time in lately, the hobby front has been the main effort. 


  1. An impressive array of hardware, no error! The 'software' seems to be a mix of Airfix, Matchbox and something else I can't make out.

    1. It is, Archduke and will be put to good use around here I can assure you. I love the troops Paul sent. They look like they'll paint up nicely too.

  2. Great to be of service Steven It's not very often us Kiwi's get to export weapons technology!

    Armoured sheep only you get you so far!

    1. Outstanding, Paul. I'll take some armored sheep as well to add to my forces! I cannot wait to get cracking on the DAK troopers. My desert board is all finished so I predict some infantry raids and patrolling in my future! Stay tuned!