Thursday, June 12, 2014

SYW Prussian IR 3: Anhalt 15mm

I finally got around to finishing the last 2 stands of my 15mm Seven Years War Prussians.  The only work left is to detail the officer sashes and a few bits and bobs (colors...add the Regimental and Colonel's colors also!)
But here they are in all their Old Glory goodness and they have many of the Old Glory poses you've come to love such as the "guy with the bandaged head" and the "NCO pointing."

I included both color bearers although I probably could have gotten away with only one since I dont have a mounted officer with the regiment and this could easily represent 1 Battalion of the 2 Battalion-strong Anhalts.

You know the drill.  4 to a base with 6 bases for a 24 trooper Regiment a la Black Powder, my favorite rules set.
Infantry Regiment #3 "Anhalt" assembled for parade!
Drummer!  Some schools of thought say the dummers were behind officers to beat commands

an imposter!  Can you tell which one the Austrian is in this picture?  "DAY 104, THEY STILL DONT KNOW IM AN AUSTRIAN"

The one trooper is turning his head in an impossible position, especially if he's wearing a stock.

The "Summer of Horse and Musket" heats up as we switch gears to Napoleonics and complete a British Peninsular Battalion and a French Foot Battery!  After that we'll complete another Austrian Battalion or change gears again back to the AWI...who knows!


  1. Nice looking unit, great paint job!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Phil. I tried some different techniques with the faces and I like how some of them turned out.