Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scenario Ideas Both Big & Small

As stated in last week's progress report, I'd like to do more gaming instead of just reading about gaming!  I had a few ideas for new scenario ideas and rules set pairings that I would like to play again in the near future. 

For me this represents a return to some classic rules sets such as GHQ/Panzerblitz and Volley & Bayonet, three rulesets which I had immeasurable fun playing either solo or with friends (Dave F and I cut our teeth on GHQ's WW2 rules as well as Volley & Bayonet ACW).  The more I read about Panzerblitz, the more I am convinced that GHQ is the ultimate manifestation of the Panzerblitz family of rules, so I hatched a scheme to incorporate the combat and unit values from Panzerblitz with GHQ's rules set (and quite possible including GHQ's combat results table, which is based on the differences in combat values [attacker - defender = + or - column roll] whereas Panzerblitz uses a simple ratio of attacker to defender). 

So I'll be playing a GHQ/Panzerblitz game soon with the experimental combat values.  We'll see how that goes.  After the combat values crisis, the next decision point will be figuring out what sequence of play works best - GHQs or Panzerblitz?  GHQ has my vote for now, but that's a preliminary assessment...

Also, a return to basics with Volley & Bayonet.  I was looking at the GHQ website recently and found they have all of the initial-production run scenarios from MicroForce listed on their site you can download for free.  The Battle of Piedmont in West Virginia makes an excellent ACW scenario (I've played it on this blog in 6mm) for Volley & Bayonet and I would like to play it in 15mm and at the Regimental level where a stand = a Regiment and you play for Brigade exhaustion not Division exhaustion.  Makes for a longer, slightly more tactical feeling game.

Speaking of Micro-Force scenarios, they also have Rhodes' assault on Oak Ridge at Gettysburg, which I happen to have enough regiments of Yankee and Rebel ACW units to play a small slice of the battle using Black Powder!

And don't forget about Squad Leader in Miniature!  Still lots of action coming up on that front, especially now that I have tons and tons of infantry stands based for action.

Lots of things going on here at Sound Officers Call!  Stay Tuned!


  1. I have been hatching plan to play BGK solo and I think the randomised aspects regarding orders and BR make it eminently suitable for it

    1. Paul,
      I have only played it solo so far with great success. The only major difference is that you always know the "opponent's" BR #s. As the German player in my last game, when I was close to my breakpoint, I started playing differently trying to rack up BRs faster. The Sov's held back to try and maintain their number.

      I think my choices would have been slightly different had I been playing against a live opponent but other than that slight artificiality, it was terrific fun.

    2. Perhaps a tweak to the BR system to keep that element of mystery then.
      Although, even with an opponent you can guesstimate the BR and when you think you are getting close you can start playing that way anyway.

      An alternative might be to focus on playing only one force and build a reaction table for the enemy. With a randomised roll, including special rules, it might keep you on your toes. Add an extra 25% to the enemy force points to compensate too.

      Just a few thoughts!

    3. Paul,
      I think a good solution would be to sketch out a plan prior to the battle and stick to it as much as possible in the game. That way your choices are based less on opportunities to rack up BR points and more on the objective?

      I like the reaction table idea. I'd be very interested in that as a way of keeping me honest when I'm playing.

  2. Definitely looking forward to the battle report on Rhodes' Assault. I did a battlestudy there about seven years ago. Walking the down the Chambersburg and Mummasburg Pikes gives you a great appreciation for what Doubleday's units would have seen due to the intervening terrain. I recommend Rod Gragg's "Covered with Glory" prior to gaming to set the scene for this part of the battle-great book about the 26th NC.

  3. Cincinnatus,
    I think it will be fun and a good way to put Black Powder through its paces. We all know how Rhodes' assault turnout so I would like to see if the results are somewhat historical.

    I will read that book. The last book I read about Gettysburg was Ralph Peters' excellent Cain at Gettysburg which follows some "characters" from the 26th NC and gives a great "worm's eye view" of their initial assault on McPherson's Ridge.

    Gettysburg is really one of my favorite battles of all time! I make a yearly pilgrimage there.