Friday, October 24, 2014

Ambitious, Diabolical Plans

There have been a ton of games I've been wanting to play lately but either haven't found the time or haven't had enough miniatures painted.  Here is a list of them I'd like to play and of course publish the AARs to afterwards:

Battlegroup Modern Game: Attack / Counterattack

Volley & Bayonet: Teugen-Hausen

Sails of Glory (just got this in the mail!)

A large "Black Powder" game in the AWI (most likely Freeman's Farm again this year w/pictures)

"The Big Push" Eastern Front German attack into prepared Soviet defenses using Grant's BATTLE rules and my own sequence of play.

A western front battle in late summer of 1944 using my 15mm WW2 GIs and new SS Germans.  Grant's BATTLE rules again.

Axis & Allies Naval Battle - South Pacific

Large "Bolt Action" eastern front battle 15mm

My first Warhammer 40k battle in 15mm

My very first game of Warhammer Fantasy...ever.


  1. Good luck with the list, certainly plenty of variety there.

  2. Quite the list - this will be fun to watch !

  3. Paul,
    I think so too! What will be even more fun will be everyone calling me out for fulfilling the list!