Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Modern Battlegroup: Battlegroup REFORGER Vehicle Stat Cards

Moving on with my Battlegroup modern, home-brewed, unofficial supplement "Battlegroup: REFORGER," I thought I would post an example of a unit stat card I've been working on.  It's not very "sexy" but it gets the job done...

Remember, all penetration and armor data comes from "Team Yankee," the GDW board game.  The penetration table I use is an expanded, 2D6 table based on the Team Yankee Combat Results Table.  The MG ROFs have been slightly fudged along with the movement for the game.  These are the stats I used for last post's game "A Clash of Reconnaissance."  Ken has expressed an interest in playing this supplement so I'm forging ahead with producing some cards for the next scenario in the campaign.

Please sound off with what you think - is this useful?  There are some experimental rules in here IE "wide tracks" which is similar to the "T-34 mobility" rule from Battlegroup: Kursk."  Also, I threw in some advanced fire control and enhanced spotting supplemental rules to reflect the Leo I's EMES-18 fire control system on the Leopard IA5 and the PERI-R12 night sight.

and of course the Marder.

and the Luchs - all West German vehicles from my game the other day.

Also to whet your appetite, here is an OPFOR vehicle.  A T-80.

I'm working on more tonight and tomorrow.

For anyone interested, the penetration table is below.  All I did was take the Team Yankee CRT and expand it for 2D6.  Cross reference the Penetration with the Protection value to give you the "To Kill" roll for an engagement.  Very straightforward.

Anyways, I'm going to continue on developing the vehicle cards for future games.  So far this has proved to be alot of fun.


  1. Hi Steven, I am very interested in your work on this. Did you ever do any more stats?

    1. Josh,
      Send me an email and ill send you everything ive got. Steven DOT Whitesell AT gmail