Monday, December 8, 2014

Battlegroup Kursk Soviet Forward Headquarters & a SYW Casualty

My posts have been all over the map lately.  Last night was a Seven Years War teaser, followed by a couple of Canadian Soldiers.  Tonight I'm finally getting around to post my Soviet Forward Headquarters stand for Battlegroup: Kursk.

According to Glantz, Stalin had his "problem solvers" who could go around from Army to Army, Corps to Corps and find out who needed what resources and what problems needed to be fixed (mainly, who gets more air, supplies, and reserve tank divisions).  That was the inspiration for this stand, an obviously high ranking Soviet general, a staff officer, and their radio operator.
"An excellent strategy no doubt, comrade general!" says the man with the binoculars.  We will target that hill with 3 katyusha battalions!

This is one of my favorite stands in my collection now!

 These guys are all Old Glory's Command Decision range from their "WW2 Soviet Command" bag.
They were very easy to paint.

What SYW force would be complete without lots of casualty markers??  Here is the first one of many I'm hoping.  This fallen Prussian drummer died with his drum and sticks in hand.


  1. Nice looking vignette with this command stand, great job!

  2. I really like those, and they suit a Russian force for any period from Barbarossa to Berlin. If you have duplicate figs from that pack let me know and we will work out a deal!

    1. Paul,
      I have some duplicates I can rustle up! I will post some pictures tonight of them and a pose variety.


    2. Sounds great Steve! - email me at: