Friday, December 5, 2014

Current Operations...

Sorry for the lack of posts for December!  Truth be told, I tried to make up for what I knew was going to be a busy month by making extra posts in November...

Work has me away all this past week and all next week at off site training which is an absolute pain to get to from where I live so early mornings and late nights mean much less time working on projects on the wargaming front.

But that doesn't mean nothing is happening!

I am currently working on  2 Seven Years War Regiments - Prussian Infantry Regiment #5 Alt-Braunschweig and Austrian (Hungarian) Infantry Regiment #33 Nikolaus Esterhazy.  Both Regiments will be based in accordance with my normal basing system of 4 figures to a 1 inch square base.
Prussian IR#5 

Austrian (Hungarian) IR #33

Additionally, I have another German squad finished in 15mm for Battlegroup Overlord, a Soviet High Command stand finished for Battlegroup Kursk (or a different rules set) and both will need to be flocked.

My German Flakwagon is finished as well and the crew is drying as we speak.

This weekend promises to be another bear with committments all over the map but I will try and find a way to take some pictures of my test stands (both the Prussians and the Austro-Hungarians).

My T-55s for Battlegroup "REFORGER" or simply "Battlegroup Modern" need to be spray painted and have their decals, weathering, and extra kit applied.

I'm thinking once all of these Horse and Musket units are off my workbench (still have an additional French Battalion to finish) I can finally "assault the plastic mountain" and assemble and paint some of the World War 2 kits that have been calling my name.  I have a box of Panzer IVs, 2 boxes of Panthers,  a box of Panzer IIIs, another box of get the idea.  Each box is 5 models.  God help me!

Hoping I find the time over the next week or so to get all some of this stuff done!