Sunday, December 7, 2014

Progress Report: SYW Regiments and a Canadian Surprise!

Man what a crazy weekend this has been.  Here are a few test shots from my 2 SYW Regiments that are underway.

First up are the Austrian-Hungarians. - this is "half" of Infantry Regiment #33 Nikolaus Esterhazy.  I still have to finish 3 more stands.

 For you die-hard purists out there please stop reading immediately and come back once you've cooled down.  I understand the shirt or waistcoat is blue with some yellow lace on it.  I tried painting it and it didn't turn out quite right on the Old Glory or the Mini Figs...

You may note also that the mini figs should have gaiters and I painted the full blue pants as they add a little color to the battlefield.  Also need to paint the hat decorations (cockades, pom poms, etc).

 They are good enough for me.  Definitely wargame worthy.

3 of 6 stands completed.

I like the stoic disciplined look of the minifigs.  The Old Glory guys are way more "human" looking however.
 Next up are 1 stand of Prussians from Infantry Regiment #5 Alt Braunschweig.  Remember- real men wear pink facings!

The chap on the right looks genuinely concerned that there is a massive hand bearing down on his stand.

 These Prussians will also need to have their pom poms painted on their hats.  This regiment has some elaborate colors to go with theirs.  That should be fun to paint.

Here is what's left of the pile I recently had.  The rest of the Austrians and most of the Prussians laying there in various states of completion.
 And now for something completely different, here are the first of my Canadians (or other Commonwealth Forces).  I am very happy with how they've turned out.  These are from Old Glory's "Command Decision" range.  With Battlegroup Overlord arriving in the mail, I figured it was about time to start getting my western Allies knocked out.  I also started reading Anthony Beevor's "D-Day" once again for extra motivation!

The color I used is a mix of a dark khaki and olive green.  What a pain it was to continuously mix colors for 2 figures.  One of these days I'll crack and buy the vallejo.  But until then...


  1. Nice work on all the figs! I'm doing Austrians and Prussians as well. As for the colour of Canadian battle dress, I've used some old Polly S "Earth Brown;" It has a slightly more green-ish cast than Vallejo "English Uniform."

    1. Thanks, John. I'm "okay" with them, particularly the Minifigs. They're small to begin with so it's hard to make them "pop" like Old Glory figures.

  2. Great job on the SYW units, beautiful uniforms!

  3. Lovely figures all round. Good action poses on the Canadians too.

    1. Thank you SRD. I have always liked the Old Glory SYW range. The minifigs are quaint.

  4. Nice looking work all around, Steve. I have a soft spot in my heart for Minifigs, they were the very first figures I think I ever painted. They do look classic and stoic, you're right. The SYS figures are ace, especially the Prussians. AS for the Canadians, is that a red divisional patch I see on their battledress sleeves?

    1. Thank you, Michael. I was hesitant to mix the minifigs with the Old Glory but they turned out alright, especially with 6 stands I've found the eyes generally don't notice the difference.

      As far as the Canadians, it was a mix up at first. I wanted them to be Commonwealth Troops at first so I gave them Red, then I looked it up (after the paint dried). I thought they could be 1st Canadian Division with the red patch.