Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Assault on the Iron Brigade

I smell a project coming on!
McPherson's Ridge during opening phases of Infantry Battle, Day 1 Gettysburg

Union OOB for the Battle of McPherson's Ridge (GHQ MicroForce)
Confederate OOB for Battle of McPherson's Ridge (GHQ MicroForce)

Project ADD

Picture of Steve trying to figure out what to paint next while looking at all his miniatures.
It's true.  I have gaming ADD.  I can't seem to settle on my goals and keep changing what I am working on or what I want to work on.  I was vacillating on finishing the 6mm ACW project, considering changing to 3" x 3" Volley & Bayonet instead of my micro 2" x 1" Regimental Bases.  THEN considering switching to the 20mm moderns project early... 

Discipline will rule the day.  I think I need to finish a project before starting another one in earnest.  One thing I was also considering (just considering mind you) was switching the 6mm ACW project to re-energizing my old 15mm ACW project in anticipation of Dave F's epic visit.  we are going to play GHQ's MicroForce ACW rules.  Since my 15mm ACW Troops are already based for Fire and Fury, they will also work for MicroForce which uses a similar basing convention.

The 6mm ACW Project is coming along though, however this is a SCHEDULED GAME on the horizon, as opposed to a notional one!!!  In my mind that justifies a switch.  Does anyone have any thoughts?  I will have to post pictures later on of the current state of my 15mm troops.

Also thinking that since I'm working on the 15mm World War II guys that it would make sense to work on 15mm ACW, as opposed to working on 2 seperate scales at the same time?  (I will most likely break that rule lol - you'll see me break out my 20mm modern troops and paint up test figures to see how certain paint schemes work.  Would LOVE to start my 20mm Nappies now as well, but that will not happen for sure until other projects are done.

I'm thinking, in honor of the impending anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, I will begin the 15mm ACW project and unveil them as I complete more.  I plan on hosting GHQ's "Assault on the Iron Brigade" scenario for Dave F when he shows up.  For that I will need about 50 stands per side which I easily have.  That being said, I need to REPAINT my Regiments/Brigades and paint more Command stands and Artillery for this epic battle.  And the best part is, this would be for a REAL Scenario for a real Army.  Not a notional one.

There you have it, folks.  I will be painting a 15mm Crossfire Army up, while simultaneously painting up a 15mm ACW Force...

50 Union Stands
50 Confederate Stands
6 Union Command Stands
6 Confederate Command Stands
Pitzer's Run (creek)

Bear with me - I'm sure there will be even more changes on the way.  Until they come up with a cure for Toy Soldier Fever.  Huzzah!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Painted ALL His Miniatures.....

Chuck Norris painted every last miniature he owned.....and lived.

Hobby Priorities and Projects: Future Plans

A few months ago I published a priorities list that puts some sense into the mountain of lead standing before me.  Since that time I have re-tooled my priorities and what I want to be painting and working on, and more importantly, what I want to be gaming when I'm all finished.  The projects that I've taken up seem much more manageable now that I am focusing on 2 x projects simultaneously.  I'm not burning out with deadlines and just painting up 1 genre or time period. 

I hope you've been enjoying my blog as much as I've been enjoying sharing my trevails back into the gaming world.  (the French certainly have been - more people from France have visited my blog than any other nationality!  Vive la France!)

If you've been following the blog, you've noticed I've been working on 15mm World War II troops for Crossfire (or any other rules set I want) and my 6mm American Civil War project, both of which have been coming along nicely.  At the slow rate I've been painting, I plan on finishing up my 6mm ACW project by September as well as my 15mm WWII Crossfire project as well.  What does victory look like?

15mm Crossfire WWII Project
I am looking at having 2 Soviet Rifle Companies, Supporting Weapons, and a Battalion Command Stand complete by September.  In addition to these forces, I also plan on having 2 x German Rifle Companies complete along with supporting weapons and a Battalion Command stand.  This is all completely do-able as the 15mm guys paint up realtively quickly and I can complete a rifle company in a week if I really put my mind to it. 

6mm ACW Project
Probably my most-played with miniatures, my 6mm ACW guys are currently being upgraded!  I have started re-painting all of them and placing them on 2" x 1" bases for Volley & Bayonet.  I am also in the process of integrating my extensive Baccus collection into them as well.  My initial idea of modeling the entire Day 1 at Gettysburg in 6mm may have been a little too ambitious - so I'm modeling 2 ACW Corps.  I Corps of the Army of the Potomac, and AP Hill's Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia.  This will allow me to fight some terrific battles with a manageable end state.  I have not started the Confederates yet as I am finishing up Rowly's Brigade and beginning Cutler's Brigade now.  Once I finish I Corps, I will start on Heth's Division, which I hope to do by thr 4th of July.


20mm Moderns Project
THis is a serisously huge but easy undertaking that will be painless.  I have a ton of 20mm moderns to include Russian Federals, Modern Israelis, Chinese PLA, French, my famous Kit-bashed Israelis, and of course my Operation Iraqi Freedom US and Middle Eastern Insurgent forces.  That will be a good time!  I am basing them individually to be used for a number of different rules sets but will more than likely use them for Modern Crossfire, Cold War Commander, or a home-grown skirmish rules set.  Making modern urban terrain should prove fun for that :)  I will easily be able to paint up 1 Soldier at a time while embarking on these other projects.  I even have a sweet 1:72 stryker and a few M113s for scenarios.

15mm AWI Project
The Battle of Hubbardton Project is NOT off the table.  Far from it!  Now that I know the color choices really work, I will begin painting up these troops (11th Mass, 2nd New Hampshire, Green Mountain Boys, 24th Foot, Converged Light and Converged Grenadier Battalion, and my Hessians to make up the forces that fought at the battle.  They will continue to be based for the ever-popular Guns of Liberty rules set.  I look to start this in September/October time frame, finishing up no later than March, 2012.

15mm WWII Crossfire Project Cont'd
Looking to re-do my WWII Americans and will hopefully come out with 1 Rifle Company of Paratroopers and 1 Rifle Company of Line Infantry troops along with Support Stands and Command.  Additionally, I would like to re-do my Company of WWII British Para's.  They look good in their own right but I am going to repaint them in my favorite style and hopefully game a market garden game!  These gentlemen will paint up very quickly and I will be complete by Christmas, 2011.

6mm Seven Years War Project
Hopefully somewhere in here i finally have the time to standardize my Baccus / Adler Seven Years War (SYW) forces and finish them to play my Lobositz game!!  I don't even need that much more - just a few artillery batteries and infantry regiments and I will be ready to game!


20mm Napoleonics
Going to start painting and basing my 20mm Nappies (all Hat and Ykreol).  Plan is to complete a modest British covering force, a French Guards du Corps, and a Portuguese Force all for the Peninsula War.  Rules set will be Age of Eagles or possible Shako - but as of right now, Summer of 2011 my plan is Age of Eagles.

15mm Vietnam War Stands
I currently have a rifle company based for Crossfire and a Vietcong/NLF Platoon also based for Crossfire.  Being the Tank-Junky that I am, I had to paint up an M48 tank for some firepower and I have a platoon of M113s for inner security duties.   The cold of winter will undoubtedly coop me up inside and ensure that I'll be able to complete this project quickly.  I want to RE-paint these troops as US Army, 1st Cavalry Division or 4th Infantry Division troops, along with more of my Long Range Recon Patrol troopers and Green Berets for a Special Forces scenario.  I also want to complete my North Vietnamese troops.  I plan on the following this winter:

  • 1 US Aero Rifle Company (1st ACD) (9 Rifle squads, 2 support squads, command stands)
  • 2 North Vietnamese Rifle Companies (each company is 12 rifle squads with 1 support stand each, and a battalion mortars squad, and anti aircraft stand)
  • 1 Vietcong Platoon (Field Force northern liberation front stands 3 each)


15mm American Civil War Project
I have a wonderful collection of Old Glory and Musket Miniatures troops that are based for Fire and Fury.  They are in dire need of touching up and re-painting.  I will still have them all based for F&F but will be adding a serious amount of reinforcements to the mix.  Ensuring also that I could use them for F&F, Volley & Bayonet, Microforce, or just about anyone else's rules sets.  (haven't played microforce in awhile - might be fun)

6mm MicroArmour WWII and Modern
It's seriously been too long since I touched up or fixed any of my microarmour.  I have a gorgeous Modern US force painted in Armor sand with a terrific Brown wash that is so authentic you'd think you were in a US Motor Pool in Baghdad.  I want to fix up my Modern Soviets, my Cold War 1960's era Soviets, 1973 ArabIsraeli War troops to game Cold War Commander.

As far as teh WWII Forces go, I am going to build my World War II Divisions from the Spearhead / GHQ Microarmour.  Looking to build a US Armor Division ca 1944, a German Armored Division ca 1943-1944, a Soviet Armored Division ca 1943 and some other odds and ends.  I have most of the forces already but will be needing to take stock of the infantry forces i have available.  I may not have enough infantry, supporting weapons, or trucks to round out my divisions.  Favorite rules sets?  Still Blitzkrieg Commander and GHQ MicroArmour: The Game.  Have not actually played Spearhead yet.

  • SU-76 15mm need to compare prices battlefront to old glory
  • ATG 15mm Soviet & German
  • 15mm German Fallschirmjaegers
  • 15mm Continental Militia
  • Model Master "Dark Green" Spray Paint
  • graveyard earth Citadel paint pot
  • catachan green Citafel paint pot
  • Tamiya Battlefield Accessories (Arty shells)
  • Games Workshop Battlefield Mat (green)

FUTURE OPS (dreaming a little dream)
WWII SS Company in Crossfire
WWII Japanese Company in Crossfire
WWII USMC Company with Amtracs in Crossfire
Battlefield Rubble (homemade or purchased)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

WWII German Crossfire Platoon Progress

Here is what I have so far completed of my WWII German Crossfire Platoon.  2 x Squads and the Platoon Leader are complete.  They didn't turn out that bad!  The figures are Battlefront (Flames of War 15mm) and Old Glory.  The OG figure fits in nicely with the FOW guys I think.
Thanks to Dave F for some advice and instruction!  He is the pre-eminent Wehrmacht expert in my opinion.

 The Old Glory fig is a little short but that's not such a bad thing considering people come in all shapes and sizes.  Even 15mm people.  Huzzah!

2nd German Rifle Squad with Platoon Leader

The entire platoon so-far

It is early July and Hans is smiling.  He won't be smiling in December...

The flash brings out the detail...and mistakes.

Left side.  I think the color choices turned out Ok.

The Platoon Leader urges the squad to advance.

Speaking of the PL here he is now. 

Rear of the Platoon showing the kit.  I enjoy painting the kit, although with these Germans it takes a long time.

Another shot of the platoon advancing

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mein Erstes Deutsches Gewehr Squad

The first squad for my German Crossfire Company is sort-of complete.  I am having issues with selecting appropriate colors for my German field uniforms.  Apart from worrying about the M1935 uniform over the M1940 uniform, I am looking for a good, generic uniform I can paint that will not look ridiculous in an Italy 1943 game or a Kiev 1942 game.  I painted these gentlemen up in 3 different colors.  The lead with the crew-served weapon is a mixture of citadel codex grey and camo green with a tad of black mixed in.

The fellow behind him is wearing only acrylic, generic "medium grey" and the guy in left field is wearing testor's Medium Green.  The camera doesn't even pick up the subtle differences between my home-made feldgrau and regular grey.

What a pain in the a** trying to paint the shield and the eagle on the helmet too!  But the kit is fun to paint as always.  I wil repaint the guy in the medium green (trying to replicate the German "Reed Green" uniform) to a more appropriate feldgrau color but this is it!  These are the guys that will carry the Germans in the field.  Huzzah!

German Landsers advance towards the enemy

Note the 3 variations of uniform foregraound is the testor's medium green

Great shot - note the shields on the helmet

another good shot of the troops advancing

My home-made feldgrau - GW Codex Grey and Camo Green.  I think it turned out nice

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Советский стрелковый взвод

My Soviet Rifle Platoon is finished!  I have to admit though that I cheated.  These gentlemen were already based I just re-painted them.  I think, for the most part, they look pretty good.  Please forgive the oversight or general mistake in painting.  Additionally, please forgive the small historical oversights of uniform as well!  I took a little "licença artística" but clearly the ends justify the means.

These tough looking troops are based for the popular "World War II Crossfire" Rules and each stand represents 1 rifle squad, and the individually based chap is the Platoon Commander.  I will eventually make 3 more Rifle platoons, with Platoon Commanders and a Weapons platoon to fill out the "1st Company" of my Crossfire Battalion.  To be honest, I think the Battalion will only have 2 Rifle Companies in it with some vehicles to round it out.  Though it did not take me very long at all to paint this unit up.  There is a world of possibilities out there.  Now I will start my Ostfront German Rifle Platoon!

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Huzzah! 
Soviet "Crossfire" Rifle Platoon in 15mm minis are Old Glory

Soviet Platoon Commander leading by example

Soviet Platoon capturing the laptop

Soviet advance

Surprise!  A German "Hauptmann" watches the enemy advance with dread

The German officer barks out commands to his runners and platoon leaders.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Dave F and I had a conversation recently about figure scale, what figures to use and just what the heck I'm supposed to do about the MOUNTAIN of lead and plastic that is stacking up.

Daves solution?  Bold but always practical - pick 2 figure scales and go with them.  Horrified, I asked him if that meant deep six the 10 and 20mm figures that I have laying around.  I mean gosh, I did just spend an entire month painting up 20mm AWI figs and 20mm WWII figs!

Dave promptly reassured me that I would not have to throw everything out but we tried to figure out just what my scales of choice are.

Well with my huge collection of micro-armor, ACW, Seven Years War, Ancients, and Napoleonics, 6mm was an obvious choice to keep.  On the 15mm side, with my equally huge collection of WWII, ACW, AWI it would also seem that 15mm was an obvious choice to keep.

that being said, I was recently looking into 15mm alternatives.  For example, a long time ago I embarked upon a Warhammer/Warmaster on-the-cheap project and ended up purchasing a boatload of Caesar 20mm plastics for that project (which was progressing along very well BTW).  I was recently looking at 15mm fantasy figs and thought they would go very well with 15mm middle ages and renaissance figures.

Also found that Peter Pig has a new line of AWI figures.  Boy - and I was just returning to 15mm!!  They have an entire range of figures.  With that being said, how do they stack up against "taller" figures such as Old Glory and Musket Miniatures, who make up the bulk of my ranks?  Seems to me that I'll have to form an exploratory committee to see just what I'm going to do next.  It would seem that in selecting only 2 figure scales, I may be able to switch course on some minis, and get rid of some others.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Подкрепление прибыло! Reinforcements have Arrived!

The 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, 1st Company is complete.  Again, I have these guys based for Crossfire, but the Table of Organization and Equipment conventions can be easily adjusted to suit Blitzkrieg Commander, or even Spearhead if I can find the room.  Per Dave F, I don't have to rush to pump out sheer numbers.  Maybe I can just enjoy myself and paint up a stand every once in awhile.
2nd Squad / 1st Platoon / 1st Company / one of endless Soviet WWII Battalions

Close up of the Squad - this one turned out ok

Slightly different angle

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

За Родину!

Forgive the title - just figured out how to get the macro setting on my camera to actually work AND finished this sweet stand of 15mm Old Glory WWII Soviet riflemen.

Different Angle - note the static grass - I have had good luck with that stuff

Here we come to liberate the motherland!!!

Side view - note the rifle stocks

Rear view.  Note the bedrolls and knapsacks.  Had a difficult time picking the correct colors.
They are originally based for Crossfire but I could theoretically use them for blitzkrieg commander, spearhead or any other rules set i wanted to.  There are many, many more...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Project Updates

Finally some pictures of my latest projects.  Since I recently re-engaged my 6mm projects AND liberated my 15mm troops from my Grandfather's basement. 

I am repainting a stand of 15mm Soviet troops to see how it goes - haven't painted a 15mm Soldier in a long time!  Right now I have the uniforms complete on a few of them.

The 6mm ACW troops are looking really good though!  I really like the Regiments on the 2" by 1" stands, as opposed to the 1 3/4 by 3/4 stands.  I will let you be the judge.

Baccus 6mm ACW Regiment (151st Pennsylvania) Doubleday's Division, I (US) Corps)

Adler 6mm ACW Union Officer UNFINISHED
Hordes of Baccus and Adler 6mm Troops

Half-Painted 15mm Old Glory Soviet Troops based for Crossfire

Closer pic of my half-painted 15mm Soviet Troops (old glory)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm not saying I have gamer's ADD.  But I have gamer's ADD.  Just decided to switch over projects..  I have restarted an old but ambitious American Civil War project.  Basing individual regiments for my micro-scale Volley & Bayonet Campaigns.  \

For anyone who cares, I have a full Union and Rebel Corps in 6mm based on Warmaster Bases.  After working with the 2" x 1" woodsies bases I decided to RE-base my 2 corps and begin new ones.

The original project concept was easy, have the entire Union and Confederate OOB for Day 1 at Gettysburg modeled in 6mm on Regimental bases so I could play a Grand Tactical game as an Army or Corps Commander.  After looking at what I've originally accomplished,  basing 8 dudes on a stand hardly looks like a Civil War Regiment.  It looks more like a Company, so I might have gotten away with ACW-Warmaster but then would only be able to field a very limited number of units.

Now I've decided to entirely SCRAP the project and start over again.  I think when it's all said  and done I'll have a respectable looking force on the table.  The Adler and Baccus minis do look good together (except the Cavalry.  The Baccus Cavalry is way too small next to the Adler guys).

The 20mm AWI Project is temporarily on-hold.  (gone but not forgotten OR abandoned!)

Just thought it was the wrong time for it. 

Discrection is the better part of valor - and it's not good to make hobby decisions when your minis are scattered all over the eastern side of the state! 

I will say that the Baccus 6mm ACW troops paint up fantastic!  I will post pics hopefully today or tomorrow.  Huzzah!