Friday, January 2, 2015

Early 2015 To Do List....

Well I had started a long, boring "State of the Hobby 2015" post but who wants all that text?  If you're like me, you're looking for some wargaming inspiration and what a better way to get some than to spy on what other people are doing?

So with that in mind, I thought I would post some "progress" reports on the state of my current project:

Painting Bench:

15mm Prussian Infantry Regiment #5 "Alt Braunschweig" is about 50% complete and awaiting the rest of their uniforms on my workbench.  Remember, real men wear pink...facings!

15mm Napoleonic Infantry Battalion:  This unit is next in line once the Prussians march off.  I am thinking about basecoating them in black but currently they're all sitting there undressed down to their white primer.  How embarrassing...

15mm Commonwealth WW2 Troops: All those Brits I bought years ago needed to be painted sometime.  Have paint on about 15 of them.  Not nearly enough.

15mm PSC Panther Troop: With 2 boxes of Panthers in the hopper, I need to complete at least 3 of them to participate in the Battlegroup Overlord Bloody Buron game.  I would also like to take them for a test-spin in Battlegroup Kursk to see how they do.

Gaming Projects:
Battle of Kursk: Ponyri Station Rapid Fire Battle.  Right now I've got the table just about done but I realized there are still a ton of projects to complete prior to gaming this "properly."

-Ferdinands and SU-122s need to be completed.
-Log bunkers or some kind of suitable stand-in for log bunkers need to be added
-mine-fields need to be emplaced.  Per this scenario the Soviets get 55" of mine fields...all of a sudden those engineers are feeling pretty important.

Fire Support Plan Annex for both sides is done.  I now have a list of on-call tube and rocket assets for the Soviets and Germans for the battle.  All that's needed now is to get / paint the Ferdinands and get this party started!

Upcoming Projects:

Rebase my 1/72 plastics on single stands (pennies) for skirmish gaming.  Start some more 20mm models for skirmish games.
Rebasing my 10mm Napoleonics for the "Snappy Nappy" rules.
Continuing to prep for a large upcoming "Bloody Buron" Battlegroup Overlord Scenario.
Try out Neil Thomas' "1 Hour Wargames" rules with existing miniatures or micro-armor placed on large 3" square bases.
Try out Neil Thomas' Napoleonics rules from his "Introduction to Wargaming" book


  1. Lots to watch with interest here - I need some SU-122s for my BGK Rooskies too!

    Early or late war Brits? PSC do a cracking box of Churchills now too

    1. Paul,
      You could always check out Game Models! That's where I got the SU122s and the Ferdinands from.

      I'm doing D-Day and Post D-Day Brits for my Battlegroup Overlord mega-game in the spring/summer!

    2. I certainly will!

      My mate Alan did up a British Armoured group for BGO you might like to check out:

    3. My compliments to Alan - great blog and really, really nice work on the vehicles and figures! Just the inspiration I needed to knock out those 12 Sherman tanks I need to finish for the Buron game!

      By the way, I like his BGK terrain board!

  2. That seems a rather long list, not unlike my own! Good Luck and will be watching this space with interest!

    1. SWOH,
      Thank you and keep watching this space! Hopefully I get these things done!

  3. Best of luck with all these projects. I too am hoping to come to grips with Battlegroup Kursk in the new year.
    I second your recommendation to Paul about Gaming Models. Nice stuff and as cheap as chips.