Tuesday, October 18, 2016

VDV Basing Double-Trouble

I am something of a home-made basing aficionado so imagine my surprise when David F mailed my pumice basing material to me last Christmas.  He's been urging me to break it out and use it so I figured this would be a good time to try it out with proper infantry team / squad bases.

Pumice mixture painted black and dry brushed with vallejo flat earth and then some "over the counter" "territorial beige" which works really well 
 I stuck these guys down right onto the pumice when it was wet (it comes in a mixture of PVA) and they are holding on nicely.  The flock is GW grass.

Soviet airborne advancing onto the bridge!

Oh don't mind my "practice panzer" I'm practicing "stippling" camo patterns.  it looks respectable.

A squad.  Or 2 squads.  Or a proper Rapid Fire Modern VDV Company!  (6 figures) Painting up some Anti Tank teams now.


Pumice looks really neat on the bases.  Thanks Dave!

Anyways that's all for now.  Cranking out 2 more stands of VDV and working on camouflaging my Panzers!


  1. Cool Beans! I am glad you're branching out and trying different modelling ideas. While it is good to keep what you like/works for you, it never hurts to experiment outside of your comfort zone every now and again.


    1. The real truth is I'm lazy and the pumice was more convenient than mixing sand and PVA :p

      The pictures don't do the bases justice I'm afraid. Looking forward to knocking out the entire unit.

  2. Those berets really pop don't they.

    1. Yes they do David. I love a unit with some color and the Russians usually don't disappoint!