Tuesday, March 10, 2015

15mm Vietnam War Troops Rebasing Complete!

Rebasing of my 15mm Vietnam War range has been completed.  Still need to flock but at least the troops have been transferred to their new bases.

Class Photos - US Platoon with weapons squad, platoon leader and Forward OBserver or Fire Support Officer stands.

As it turns out I have a small Company sized element of PAVN troops (NVA) and a platoon's worth of US troops with 1st Cavalry Division patches and USMC kit (except for the Peter Pig guys who have US Army kit).

US Platoon Leader, Company Commander or Fire Support Officer
For a game like FUBAR where you activate a team, these troops would be enough for a large and satisfying game of FUBAR (16 NVA teams and 10 US teams).

US rifle squads with 4 man fireteams and a squad leader.
The only thing I need to do now is finish the NVA and US support stands.  I have the recoilless rifles for the NVA finished - just need to make an HMG or 2 for the NVA and a few more M60 LMG and 81mm mortar stands for the US.

NVA Platoon Commander or Company Commander

small NVA company of 2 platoons

NVA squads each built around 2 support weapons, an RPG and an RPK or RPD.

Command Decision 15mm Vietnam Range.

Recoiless Rifle!

US M60 Light Machine Gun sections.

US Rifle Platoon!

While I don't have all of the proper figures painted, each US Squad is also going to have a grenade launcher and there will be enough M60s in each platoon to have 1 accompany the squad.
Lots of work still to go on these guys - the bases need to be flocked and I will add foliage to the NVA troops' helmets as well.  I'd like to paint up a Soviet MMG for the NVA Company as well as a mortar stand or 3.  I now have a respectable-sized force for Bolt Action, FUBAR, Battlegroup Tet ('Nam?), or any other rules set I'd like to play with.  Looking forward to a game with these gentlemen soon.

I have some Roskopf 1/100 M113s or some Battlefront M113s that need to be painted for some extra ground support, as well as an M48 tank for some heavy metal fire support!  Questions and Comments welcome!


  1. Happiness is indeed an M48..or better yet: a pair of them!
    Nice work.

    BTW Battlefront will be expanding their Nam range, including some new BWN stuff:

    Thought you might like to see my NVA platoon as well, though haven't finished off the rest of the company yet

    But you've got me thinking about whether I should taken them off the bases and go back to this look, which aint too bad either:

    1. Paul,
      I was wondering when you were going to show me the OPFOR! As for basing - that's all up to you and preference. What do you think you'll be most likely to use them for? Skirmish? Tactical Squad/Platoon/Company games?

      I noted in your blog post that you thought they looked better on bases! I do like the look of them all bunched up on bases (reminds me of those human wave assaults in movies like "Platoon"" and "We Were Soldiers." For me, I'm obsessed with a universal basing scheme so I just had to try this out. If it works well (IE it works for Battlegroup 'Nam and for a skirmish game like FUBAR or Bolt Action) I will base other units similarly.

      First class, Paul. Love the look of your NVA troopers!

      What brand helicopters did you buy for your Americans?

    2. Pretty sure the Hueys are Model Power 1/100 Hueys, which I got in a bulk 4 ship deal off ebay. I planned to mount them on clear plastic rods but never came up with a satisfactory plan for the bottom of the base.

      I then got a Revell plastic kit Huey Cobra, and a die cast Skyraider and an F4. Always wanted an A6 to play "Flight of the Intruder" but haven't come across one at the right scale yet

    3. I think there is a QRF Loach in the mix too, to scout for the Huey. I wasn't impressed by the casting though

  2. And because I just found the post of some figs I really like, here is one of my USMC sniper teams:

    1. WOW!!!! That sniper team is AWESOME! Those are Peter Pig? I love them - all my SOG guys are QRF and the castings are God-awful.

    2. Superb painting job and basing, Paul. My hat's off to you sir!

    3. Thanks Steve, I think I my Vietnam stuff is some of my best work ever (possibly only equalled by my WW2 Brit Para force which I did during last year's painting challenge: http://tasmancave.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/red-devils-platoon.html ). Its been stashed away in a box for far too long so its nice to revisit the pics and share them.

      I must admit that I have a LOT of extra stuff that just ever got to see paintbrushes before they got stored a few moves ago. My Nam gaming partner also got posted away so its laid rather dormant for awhile.

      And yes those Snipers are Peter Pig figs

    4. Very nice work on those Brits Paul! That Para camo is tough to master but it looks like you have it nailed!