Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Well it's finally happened.  Sabre Squadron Main Rules have been published and yours-truly has been reading up on them, in between bouts of moving sheer volume of "stuff" around  in my man cave gaming bunker.

Lots of stuff going on on the hobby front as well but not much progress to show for.  I have finally started painting those Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Germans.  If I have the time tomorrow, I'll post what they look like.  Nothing special as I've followed the printed instructions to the letter (not fancy block painting here - production is the name of the game.).  Simple basecoat, detail, wash, dry brush, mount.

Also some very exciting news on the rules front - Sabre Squadron has finally been made available!  Now in anticipation of getting my claws on these rules, I greased the skids with the wife ahead of time so she expected the purchase.  I also bought early so I received a complementary copy via PDF (because who the hell can wait that long for the post!)

Anyways, I'm perusing the rules now and they look very good.  There are excellent illustrations and the rule book was well worth the wait.  I will delve in tonight for a more in-depth read.  I wish I had more modern micro armor infantry based - I could have a regular slug-fest!

Some moving around but the bunker still looks like a mad scientist's workshop

All that German armor.  Waiting for another round of camouflage trials on the range!

Very eclectic mix of vehicles here with representation from Plastic Soldier Company, Battlefront (Flames of War), Command Decision, and Game Models, Point of Contact Miniatures (oh and also my "practice panzer" Axis & Allies 15mm Panzer III which I will test camo paint schemes on).
And last but certainly not least, a "snip" from the Sabre Squadron rulebook:

Very nice illustrations throughout the book.  I have never seen a wargaming rules set with illustrations like these.  Pictures or fine illustrations on every other page!


  1. Looks interesting. I may need to check it out for my modern micro armor .

    1. Ski,
      I really love them. They are the perfect balance of detail vrs play-ability and virtually everything I'm looking for in a tactical modern game that is set at 1:1. They work equally well with micro armor and bigger scales.

  2. I need to check this out too!

    Love the Man cave reorg and the Patton poster on the wall! Its way too tidy and clean for a real Hobby cave though :-) Lovely Panzer parade too - very nice

    1. Paul,
      I have really enjoyed playing Sabre Squadron and cannot recommend it enough. It's everything I've been looking for in a modern rules set.

      The Panzers are assembling for their new paint job! Hopefully I can get an acceptable brush-painted scheme on them. Hence the "practice panzer" I painted. Stay tuned!

    2. Paul - I Also forgot to mention - GSP watches over all my games :) always urging me to attack - even when I'm the defender in siege games :)

  3. Just ordered the hardback and received the pdf. They do look excellent and may be just what I was looking for as a modern set for cold war and Falklands and Arab Israeli in 'both' 20mm and 1/300..wow.

    Very intuitive too. I keep saying 'yes perfect' as I am reading them. I'm seeing some elements of 80s hex wargames in there too - which is perfect as I want to use old 'Fire Team' scenarios. Great looking set of rules.

    1. Darren,
      I have only read a small bit of the rules so far but I'm happy with them. I think I may have finally found "the" set of modern rules for me. My first 2 games were very enjoyable and the rules are very well thought out. I think they'd be able to handle larger forces with relative ease. I am finishing up a gaggle of T-80s (that will substitute for T-64s) BMPs and infantry all in 15mm that will face off against a friend's BAOR Chieftains an infantry in 15mm. That is going to be an exciting game! Stay tuned!