Monday, November 23, 2015

Help! A Tale of 2 BTRs (Greens)

A week off but not as much time as I had originally thought to get hobby stuff done.  That said, with World War III in full swing here at SOUND OFFICERS CALL, I thought I would take a minute to share with you all my latest "crisis"  (I know, I know, first world problems, right?)

Some of you who have been following the blog know that a few months ago, Ken and I played a "big" game of SABRE SQUADRON.  In that game, I used my "top of the line" T-80s and BMP-2s.  All painted with FoW "Tankovy Green" washed with "agrax earthshade" and drybrushed khaki.

 Right now I'm looking at my collection of Roskopf T-55s and other older vehicles that are currently being used as Cat II or Cat III Soviet units (or possibly even Pact allies) and I'm wondering what colors they "ought" to be in...

BTR on left is Flames of War "Tankovy Green" and on the right is a simple Krylon dark Olive Drab.  Both are washed with "agrax earthshade" and drybrushed VJ khaki.

No decals yet as I didn't want to waste a single one!  The tankovy green one really pops doesn't it? ....

And the armor.  Command Decision T-55 next to a Zvezda "Hot War" ZSU-23-4 "Shilka"

"Command Decision" 15mm T-55 next to a ZSU.  Pardon the horrible fit of the ZSU.  It really is a nice model.

So what is everyone thinking?  Right now I have three (3) separate formations:

Guards T-80s and BMP2s painted in "tankovy green"
Regular Tank Division T-72 and BTR 70/80 painted in this same krylon dark olive
Category II/III units of Roskopf plastic T-55s painted in a dark olive / tan camouflage scheme.

My logic behind the camouflage was if this was the late 1980s and these older formations were committed, they would have had some camouflage on them to give them a fighting chance...

Another advantage of the camouflage force of Roskopfs is that I can use them for Chinese, Arab, Cuban, Pact, or other allies of the Soviet Union who used these vehicles.  The thing is, I dont want to play an Arab Israeli game with the T-55s decked out in Soviet "tankovy green" (although I admit there is nothing wrong with that).

Prussian 15mm musketeer in there for scale...

The drab is certainly more "boring" but definitely has that dark, menacing Soviet horde look to it I think.

Finally all 3 schemes I've been considering...  #304 has some stuff added to it, but just know the Roskopf models are very bare on the outside in terms of detail.  But here is the current scheme I have my Roskopf T-55s in.

So in review, there are a number of Courses of Action we could follow here:

COA #1: Paint ALL units in tankovy green - repaint everything already painted.

COA #2: Start a new Roskopf T-55 Company (ones ear-marked to get tan for Egyptians) in Tankovy Green, keep the other company in their current camouflage.

Paint the BTRs, support equipment, and essentially everything besides the T-55 company in Tankovy green.

COA #3: Continue to field three separate commands with the Guards painted in Tankovy Green, Regulars painted in Olive Drab, and the Cat II/III troops painted a mix of camouflage and olive drab.

COA#4: Paint all "modern" stuff in Tankovy Green.  Including T-72s, BMPs, BTRs, and BRDMs.  Paint all "old" stuff (built pre 1980) in drab.  (I dont have a problem mixing the drab and the camo as they all have the same base color).

I guess I would like to hear everyone's thoughts about these choices of green.  What would you do?  Do you mind having units on the tabletop painted differently?  Answer in the comments section.


  1. My 2¢... go with the three coloured scheme. It will help you differentiate your three tiers of troops for yourself. The different colour schemes will look okay in the table as well. Or so the voices in my head tell me.

    1. Thanks, John. Ultimately, my own laziness will prevail and I may go with my original plan - 3 schemes of colors for 3 echelons of troops.

  2. My 1st thought is along the lines of John. In a big battle, or esp when putting away, having formations in slightly different pai t schemes would make life easier, esp in a multi player game. It will also give you more flexibility in small games to pick units for other deployments abroad.

    1. Thank you, Ross. Storage and organization was not something that initially occurred to me, but equally as important!
      So far all of the votes seem to be leaning towards 3 seperate schemes!

  3. For my monry, the two tone T55 looks fantastic, and the shades compliment each other on the other vehicles, so I don't think it matters that much on the battlefield.

    Mind you, your choice of greens is spot on I think. There are some pics I took at the Tank Museum in Belgium here...the T80 and SU152 shades are quite distinctive and similar to your own schemes.

    I don't think the colour difference matters too much to be honest. Soviet units, whether front line or crack, might have had a little leeway in the field w.r.t tow tone schemes at least- plus at the scale, shades of daylight can play havoc with 'natural' colours.

    1. Thank you, Darren. I have a full company of the 2 tone T-55s and I'm partial to them. (not really wanting to paint over them). Sometimes my OCD gets the best of me.

      Right now I'm leaning towards my original idea of 3 schemes for 3 separate echelons. That seems to be the best compromise.

      Tankovy Green was highly anticipated by me and I bought 3 cans of it when it came out! I do like it, but especially so for Guards units (who are wearing it now).

  4. Nothing really wrong with how you have done it so far Steven. Its all a matter of taste and practicality. OD, dark green and a flat green all used, up until even now. Once I weather mine they all tend to look the same anyway.

    I have seen cam schemes for T-62's for the southern districts in the 70's and 80's and I am sure during annual exercises the OPFOR team had all their AFV's painted up as well.

    OCD is great for parades mate.

    1. Thanks Paul. I put alot of time and energy into getting that company camouflaged and I wasn't relishing the idea of painting over them.
      The funny thing is, I like both greens as they are. So I will continue with my 3 - pronged approach.