Wednesday, January 13, 2016

M577 TOC and Mortar Carrier MERDC Progress Report

2016 is off to a decent start with at least some "progress" on the hobby front with 2 more specialist vehicles rolling off the assembly line destined for service with CENTAG.  That brings my combat team up to a whopping 5 vehicles to face Ivan's hordes.

As you may or may not know, I'm painting my US Cold War forces a healthy mix of both the summer and winter European verdant MERDC scheme.  The specialist vehicles, always the bastard children within the line battalions [until they're needed!] the FIST track, M577 TOC, and the mortars are still wearing their summer scheme while my line units will be painted in winter.

M577 Tactical Operations Center.  This time a much lighter shade of earth and black applied as a wash.  Slightly greener dry brush as well.  Not very noticeable in the pics.

Quality Casting model  Expensive but overall pretty nice.

 I think I'm getting the hang of this MERDC stuff.  I just wish there was a better paint for "field drab" as opposed to the model master dark tan I've been using.  I'm tempted to try a rustoleum dark tan with a satin finish....
Roskopf Mortar carrier.  I think he's a German mortar carrier with the smoke launchers but everyone will get the idea.  Especially Ivan's infantry!

dice detail cast right onto the model.

The specialist vehicles.  That lone M113 on the side is the FIST track (Fire Support Team).  I am not giving them their hammerhead laser mast so you'll just have to use your imagination!  I may, however, give them some antennae.

You can see the variations in the dark shades on these guys.  The FIST track is obviously the darkest.

The entire fleet assembled and ready to move out!  

Since work has been crazy not much time for painting or gaming but luckily these fellas don't take too long to complete.   Last week I also managed to find a few minutes to finish my SS and DAK single based infantry platoons.  Watch out David!!!  They're coming for your Canadians!  :)

Still need their flock but my SS platoon is pretty much done save for an HMG team and mortar team.  Obersturmbanfuhrer Kurt Meyer and his radio operator are in there somewhere - sans the motorcycle...

My SS troopers in their box awaiting transport to the battlefield

Single based SS trooper rounding out the rest of the platoon.  David and I will be playing a 15mm Bolt Action game some time this year.
Anyways that's it!  Like I said, barely any time for painting or gaming but still there is some progress to report in 2016.  Some neat games planned on the drawing board for this year, at least, including a modern BATTLEGROUP game (my own BATTLEGROUP: REFORGER variant) or two.

stay tuned!


  1. Really nice work on the vehicle camo. It looks great.

  2. Nice additions Steve - that Camo is nicely done

    1. Thanks Paul! Took me a few tries and the colors aren't completely legit but it looks the part.

    2. Looks good up close and clearly looks good on the table so the colours are right on!

  3. Your moderns are fleshing out nicely! I wish the Army had stuck with MERDC for it had real class. I always got a bit of moisture in the corner of my eye each time the Korean army would pass me by with their "clone" MERDC paint jobs.

    Hmmmm. Let me scan my eyes across your Waffen-SS so I can size up the opposing army!

    1. Thank you sir! Glad you like them. They will be meeting Ivan's hordes eventually.
      Yes take a look at those SS troopers! They will face your Canucks sometime this year!

  4. Nice work. The woodland pattern looks great, must have been quite time-consuming!

    1. Thanks Cincinnatus. The most difficult or time consuming part was painting the tan and black "squiggles" other than that the dark green and light green patterns were spray painted on. I used blue tack to mask the pattern. I still have 2 M1s to finish up.