Thursday, January 28, 2016

WW2 8th Army Desert Brits

Well the last of my blizzard building and painting blitz!  These are 8th Army British "Desert Rats" in 15mm.  All are Command Decision minis although some (leadership in particular) are NW Europe British, as opposed to Desert Rats.  Still though, you get the idea.  they couldn't ALL have worn shorts...could they?

Anyways, first platoon just needs flocking and to be sealed.  Second platoon still needs their black ink wash, and flock and sealant, but otherwise I'm happy with them.  Just need to get their tank support and trucks done and I'll have a proper force!

The first platoon has their ink wash.  The second platoon still does not.

non-inked guys.  

inked guys

Non inked but still looking cool.

So here are 2 full platoons, or companies if I'm playing at a bigger scale or different rules.  I'd like to have each of these represent a single squad but they can really represent anything I want them to.  Still need some heavy weapons and command elements on the table, but otherwise the Desert Rats are coming along nicely!


  1. Really nice looking figures, and your last two posts showing some excellent work too.
    Been busy lately - I need to get a game in soon :(

    1. Thanks Darren. I'm not happy with much of my painting progress - but at least it's progress on the painting front. One of my new year's resolutions was to get more stuff painted in 2016 and also more games played.

      We tried Battlefront's "Team Yankee" today. That was lots of fun. Much improved over Flames of War, I think. We played with twice the vehicles that we were accustomed to playing with in a Sabre Squadron game (artillery, infantry, tanks - although no air yet). I need to finish up my modern stuff, then it's on to Horse and Musket for a little while.

      Thanks for commenting.