Friday, August 4, 2017


Great and nerve-wracking finish to this Battlegroup: Overlord game as the Canadians moved in for what they thought would be an easy kill.

The squad at the leading edge of the attack moved in for the kill at the yellow house and close assaulted the remnants in the house.  Easy kill but they took a casualty and ended up pinned even as they mopped up the HJ fanatics who were crazy enough to keep fighting.

Hand to Hand in the House!
 Meanwhile the Canadian armor moves up and takes another objective and forcing another chit draw for the Germans.
 The Germans are wiped out in the house but they pick a Beyond the Call of Duty chit and the MG team in the village opens up to good effect!  Unbelievably, they cause a casualty on the Canadian squad in the yellow house, the squad BOLOs its morale check and they run off!  What in the world?

Seeing that this fight isn't over  yet, the SS teams go to ground and fortify the village for a ground assault!

LMG team crosses the road and fortifies another house in the village!  It's going to be a tough slog for the Canadians who are now 3 tanks down and 1 squad down!

Rifle team takes up position along a hedge, sealing the flank of the village.
 The Canadians start moving their infantry squads up double-pronto while the Armor takes up firing positions.  The Germans unpin the panther, which was costly considering they're now a measly 2 points from their breakpoint.

Panther takes up firing positions but it's too little, too late.

Germans prolonging that PAK40 up through a gap in knocked out vehicles.  Once the PAK40 gets on the scene this defensive position will be a solid one!
 While the Germans are starting to get serious about defending the village, the Canadians are busy winning the war.  The M10 rips right through the woods and claims the initial objective that the Bren Carrier had from the recce section.

The German chit draw (3) is enough to put them at 33, ending the game.  (the German BP was 32).  If you were wondering, the Canadians were only at 14 and their BP was 37!  So it's safe to say the Canadians played it pretty safe even with all those dead Shermans.

Capturing this objective was the last straw.

Endgame.  The 3 houses in the foreground are loaded with Gerry!

Meanwhile the Canadians are rushing up to capture the lead buildings and break into the village.

Prolonging the PAK40 meant they never got into the fight.  It was all those "Acceptable Casualties" videos I watched!!  :)  I wont skimp on prime movers ever again!

With no artillery to call in, the forward command post chilled out "in the rear with the gear."

meanwhile the platoon command post held the German left flank.

In a huge surprise, the tank destroyers won the game!
What a great game!  As always, Battlegroup delivers a tense and exciting game with a different outcome each time.  With a much lower breakpoint this game, the Germans could hardly have afforded to trade shots with the Canadians.  I do think that by allowing the Canadians to get into position for the assault, the Germans surrendered the initiative to them for the entire game.

A few things I learned or observed from this game:

  • If you're the defender and you have the opportunity to take a shot, you definitely should take it.
  • Panthers are not indestructible.
  • 3 man loader teams are a good points investment.
  • Prime movers are a good points investment.
  • Don't neglect the area fire option especially if you're the Germans and you have MG42 teams!
  • If there isn't enough artillery....quit!


  1. Really excellent finish to the battle. I need to give Battlegroup another try. This really sounded like a fun game.

    1. Thanks Rod. Honestly it's a great game and full of surprises. I have absolutely no reason to carry any water for the authors. Personally I like it in 15mm as that's my scale and I think it opens the game's potential up.

    2. That's one of the things that appealed to me about your game. I had planned to play it in 15mm as well. After a considerable investment in FoW, it seems natural to stay with that scale and just single base my infantry.

    3. Rod,
      I love the look of individual based troops in 15mm but may i also add that playing with them based a la FOW makes the Battlegroup games go much faster as youre not miving individual joes around the table.

      I have some solid platoons based individually, and everyone else is based on FOW stands for either FOW or Crossfire, etc.

      The mix of individual stands and team bases is helpful.

  2. Awesome BatReps Steve - sounds like a great game!