Friday, June 29, 2018

Laying Out Stalingrad

All day at work today I was thinking about laying out the table for the upcoming Stalingrad Rapid Fire mega game on July 4th.  I sketched out a map in my head for what should go where and I'm fairly certain there will be an industrial section, a residential section, and a commercial or office section of a city.

I feel like it's missing some things.

"commercial area" on the left.  train station and a host of offices behind it.

Industrial section on the left, residential in the middle, commercial on the right

When I got home I cleaned up some things and decided to lay out my partially completed Terrains4Games buildings, the railway and throw the German infantry on the table to see what it looked like.

It became instantly apparent that I still have ALOT of work to do over the next few days!  Including:

  1. Painting the rubble piles in the building
  2. Creating more rubble and girder piles (lots more...)
  3. Creating more bases
  4. Dry brushing the buildings
  5. Painting up some armor (I have leftover bits and bobs that will serve as 1942 Panzer IIIs and IVs)
Another thing I noticed is that the rubbled pieces should still be laid out around a grid pattern to the greatest extent possible or it won't look like it used to be a city.
The railroad embankment

The Red House (one of the objectives for the Germans)

Residential area with the large apartment block serving as an objective

center big white apartment complex is an objective

Lead German companies getting into position

Here's where the forest of chimneys will go.  not done yet.

The brickyard

The foundry, another objective and a tough nut to crack!

There will be a light gray tablecloth thrown down for the day of the battle.

Getting ready to push off
Tomorrow I have work to do around the house.  After that, getting ready for one more big push in anticipation of the July 4th game.


  1. Dude, you're killing it! That already looks great, can't imagine how good you'll have it looking by Independence Day. Good luck, and I can't wait to see the batrep afterwards!


    1. Thanks Jack. Still lots of work to do but we're getting there.