Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Utility and Usefulness of Toy Soldiers: Yankee Ingenuity!

Recently the louver door on our outside dryer vent had one of the louver slats fall off with one of the ends breaking.  My wife felt we needed to replace the whole thing.  Or did we?

Meet Ivan - the common 15mm Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Soldier in summer uniform- more than just a troop stand decoration!
I immediately set to work with the X-Acto knife, testors model glue, and "locktite" which is a kind of crazy or super glue sold at "big box" DIY stores in the USA.  Ivan is giving up a leg and his base in support of the motherland.  I had to bring in the commissars to maintain order.  Times are tough, these days, comrade.  Be glad it's only a leg we are requiring of you.

no slats here missing - nothing to see here - everything looks in order.  
But upon closer inspection...
What is this?!?!?
I was able to glue, then SUPER glue the single leg into place along with the base.  My wife has run a few loads through the dryer and life, it seems, has returned to normal.

I thought I would post this for you all and your significant others!  Thank goodness I had Ivan and his comrades on hand! 


  1. Your DIY shenanigans had me whizzing to Google to look up WWII Soviet medals for bravery!

    1. Norm were you able to come up with anything? I would hate for Ivan to walk away empty handed AND missing his leg!

  2. The Motherland is ever the source of inspiration for the ongoing trials of its hard working wives...

    ...or something LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jonathan! If anything it's a continuing justification for increases in defense spending on the homefront here in my house!

  4. Hail comrade Ivan! A true son and martyr.