Thursday, April 14, 2011

AWI Painting

Since it's always been one of my favorite periods to read about and game, I thought it very appropriate that my first wargaming project since returning to the blogosphere should be AWI focused.

Thanks to Dave F, the troops are now being based for Guns of Liberty.  My original intent was to base them purely for Volley & Bayonet but after talking to Dave, I'm basing them now for Guns of Liberty which will look alot better on the tabletop and frankly it uses more of my plastic 1:72 troops up.

The lead vrs plastic debate still rages on in my mind after years of debate but the truth is the IMEX/Accurate troops are just too nice looking to simply get rid of and frankly, they are easy to paint, and easy to modify (kit bash).

The Troops are being based up for the Battle of Hubbardton in this project.  These troops are from the 11th Massachusetts Regiment.  I am working on stand 2 and stand 3 which will equate to 6 Guns of Liberty stands.  Huzzah!

Stand 1 of my 11th MASS Troops.  Figs are IMEX.
Front view


  1. Those figs look outstanding. Your painting style has made great strides and is certainly become top notch! Now, I just need to do the Jedi mind trick and sway you to Vallejo and its color variety. 8-)

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for the comments - you are too kind! I am just getting back painting. Just wait until I start on my metals again!
    Probably will not do the vallejo - but the GW work great for me! (even if they are on the pricey side!)
    Come back often, Huzzah!