Wednesday, October 9, 2013

15mm Zvezda T-72

As opposed to last night, lots of positive reviews for this T-72 kit from Zvezda.  Super detail, and a nice, crisp and clean look once put together.  Has some reactive armor blocks on it as well as a removable ditching log and some side skirts.  I have to admit also, the thing looks pretty awesome without the side skirts on there too.

This is just an opinion but from all of the pics I've looked at of the T-90 over the years, I would easily substitute this guy as a T-90 in some ultra-modern games.  It's only missing the "Shtora" on the opposite side of the IR light anyways.  

I'm still messing around with a paint scheme for these guys as well.  There are lots of good choices out there but my talent is sorely lacking in the camo department.

Left vehicle is dry-brushed light tan and the right vehicle is dry brushed white 

Yep - instant T-90!  If you concentrate hard enough.

So I decided the "big" scenario I'll play first will be an unusual ultra-modern one pitting modern Russian forces against modern Ukrainian forces in a hypothetical Russian invasion.  Russians using T-90s with BTRs in support while the Ukrainians fielding T-80/84s and BMP-2s.  That might be a fun one with about one to two Battalions on a side.  Will be a great incentive to A. finish all my modern Soviets and B. buy me some time to complete the yanks while still getting to throw some dice in anger!

Next up will be the BMP trio I've just about finished.  I will showcase them, then the BTRs.  Once all the vehicles are done, it will be time to start painting the infantry again.