Friday, October 23, 2015

15mm Pre Painted Buildings

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always looking for a good deal on terrain and I may have found just that last week on Amazon.

Just for the hell of it, I typed in "15mm Buildings" in a search one night [you might be forgiven for thinking I had gone on amazon with the actual purpose of buying 15mm buildings]  and a nice variety of buildings offers came up immediately.  The first one of those was from a seller or manufacturer appropriately named "Europe at War - Buildings 15mm."  I had never heard of this company so I clicked on some of the offerings which were all very, very nice western European style agricultural and residential structures.  (a few eastern European cabins as well)

Upon further inspection they were being sold by "Noble Knight Games."  Fair enough.  The buildings looked spectacular and the prices were very good as well.  (the house in the following pictures was $13.00 and only one of the buildings I bought was over $25.00)

Tim Horton's Coffee K-Cup next to bag for scale.  By the way, Tim Horton's coffee might be worth packing up and moving to the Great North for.
So when the package arrived I did figure out the catch...  While the buildings are pre-painted, they do not come assembled.  They were nowhere near the cost of Battlefront/FOW buildings and still cheaper than Crescent Root buildings as well.  Bring on the savings!  I have some pictures of the assembly process.

This building is a "timber framed cottage" from their ECW collection.
 Oh and one more thing, these are products from the UK and actually manufactured by a company called "4Ground."  I've never heard of them but I will tell you the kits are first-class!  The "Europe at War" distinction on Amazon is actually the name of one of 4Ground's building lines.

The only downside I can think of is their line stops at World War II.  There are no modern convenience stores, gas stations, or buildings you would expect to see in a late 20th Century battle unless you were in a remote, rural area, but for World War II European Theater, these buildings are very good.

house assembled in sections and then sandwiched together.

almost there!
Got it!

So has anyone heard of "4Ground Model Kits & Miniatures?" before?  I had not but check out their website!  (included now in the links section of this blog)

The whole kit.  The kit is hardboard or a very firm cardboard (MDF?) and nicely detailed
 And here's the completed cottage on my table.  Please pardon the micro-armor mayhem going on around the shot!

Austrian troops outside the cottage.

very nice!
Well that's all for now.  Stay tuned - another big Sabre Squadron game coming up soon.  And I know what I'll be doing for the next couple days on the hobby front...assembling buildings!


  1. 4Ground are a well respected British company.

    1. Good to hear. Prior to last week, I didn't know they existed.

  2. I like those buildings, too. I have a few around. By the way, my daughter works for Tim Horton's. (Night shift right now, which she hates, but a job is a job.)

    1. John,
      I love their coffee. One day maybe I'll get to grab a donut and a Tim Horton's at an actual Tim Horton's coffee shop! Until then, I can buy it in the supermarket here and I'm happy with that.

      Man I really like those buildings. They will go perfect with the crescent root 15mm european buildings when those are released again.

      Hey I hear you - a job is a job. It puts food (and miniatures) on the table! As much as I moan and groan about my job, I thank God every day that I have it and can do it.

    2. Amen, brother! Let me know if you ever plan to visit Canada. I might know some places you'd want to check out.

    3. Will do John! I will be visiting Canada one day - just not sure when.

  3. Good looking cover Steven. I like! Put them on bases with hedges and fencing to make them cover more area. Add gardens as well.

    1. Paul,
      That's a great idea! Cover and also little details like that go a long way on smaller tables like mine. Houses have much bigger footprints that definitely extend beyond the 4 walls of the structure. Good call!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes sir! I think so too. Can't wait to get them on the table!