Thursday, October 15, 2015


Well like I predicted, not much on the gaming front but I was able to knock some long-standing projects out of the park these last couple days.

Here's a sneak peek at what's been happening at the work bench this past week:

  • Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry "Regimento Joao Silva"
  • Generic "Horse & Musket" Casualty markers for Black Powder, Shako, etc.
  • Another 15mm T-55/T-62 for Company level battles.
  • 15mm Netherlands Centurions and M113s started.
  • IL-2 Stormovik finished!
  • 15mm WW2 Soviet Casualty markers finished!

First up - a 15mm Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry Battalion:

This past summer, my father in law passed away suddenly and while my wife's family is still reeling from it, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to dedicate this steely-eyed infantry battalion to my father in law.  While a fictitious unit, the Joao Silva Infantry Regiment hails from Castelo Branco Province (the home of my wife's family) of Portugal.  They have assembled to push back the French invaders and, in my humble opinion, are looking very sharp while doing it!

Portuguese troops are very colorful and I had much fun painting them.

Still missing their colors and flock but you get the idea.  they will be right at home next to their British cousins on the battlefields of the Peninsula.

In Memorium: Joao Silva 1942 - 2015
Next up, a gaggle of Soviet T-55s which will double as T-62s when I need them to.  I just finished another - vehicle #304 (the one with the double fuel canisters and ditch bar).

Next up, I thought I would make use of some of the Roskopf Centurions I had laying around.  I sprayed them in Tamiya #70 OD as I thought it looked closest to the Netherlands style of drab (and coincidentally I had a full can laying around!).  They won't take much to finish.  I will experiment with camo netting.  The Dutch vehicles have yellow weight class markers, yellow tags, and a small black box with "NL" in the center, although I may be able to get away without the "NL"
Dutch vehicles from NORTHAG.

Soviet WW2 casualty figures!  Actually broken leftovers from many, many rebasing projects.

Horse and Musket "generic" casualty figures.  These are "musket miniatures" AWI casualty figures, but many will look right at home on a Napoleonic Battlefield, SYW battlefield, etc as not all of them have their hats on.

 And I almost forgot.  Another rebasing project but this time in 10mm.  What do you guys think?  My 10mm Naps as a 60 man battalion!  If this works out, I will base the other 5 battalions like this.  I actually prefer them like this as they are more densely packed, as opposed to on individual bases.

Now onto more fun - the IL-2 Stormovik!  Now my "Battlegroup" games will have some air power!  This is the Zvezda 1/144 kit and mighty nice it is, too.  The base is my own invention just a clear plastic dowel, a wooden base with a hole drilled into it, and there is a similar sized hole drilled into the bottom of the model *GASP*.

broken propeller and it STILL flies!!!

And now some gratuitous tank pictures.


  1. Excellent choice for the regiment's name! Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you sir! One would think with 3 days off I'd be able to accomplish more but there just isn't enough time in the day.

  3. Very nice jobs, well done Steven!

  4. What a wonderfully eclectic collection of goodies Steve!
    Good to see you getting into the Tanktober spirit with all that armour too :-)

    Love the pile of dead Ivans too - Must do something similar. Perhaps one of them could be available for a wounded Stepan Petrovich - that way if he ever falls his loyal comrades can go on a mission to bring him back :-) Actually, that would work well as I have this stand to use after he gets collected

    You're going to regret making that that Jabo - they make a real mess of your Panzers!
    You need to do up some German AA vehicles now!

    1. Those are some sweet figs, Paul! I think casualty figures really jazz up the battlefield. I've always liked them. In most games they really come in handy as "pinned" markers or shock or what have you.

      Let me see if I have any fallen officer figures! You just might have a Stepan Petrovich in there somewhere! That is a pretty sweet idea for a game, also. Recovering the commander.

      I have a bag of the 1 barrel 20mm flak tracks from Command Decision - I had better get him on the table ASAP! That said, I do have some Stuka's who need some attention :) At least I could even up the odds!