Sunday, April 2, 2017

Battle of Lobositz! (lots of pics!)

The usual suspects were over today to refight the Battle of Lobositz using my 15mm Seven Years War troops.  We used Black Powder as everyone had familiarity with them (for the most part), and the scenario from "Honours of War" which features a "bathtubbed" battle of about 10 to 11 infantry units on a side with a handful of cavalry and artillery on each side as well.  We played 8 turns.  The game started more or less at 1:00pm and ended around 4:45pm.  Not bad!

The Prussians moved first.  We borrowed the idea from HoW Lobositz scenario and to simulate the fog on the field, any charge or volley was preceded by a dice roll.  If the player rolled a 1 or a 2, the volley or charge failed due to problems spotting in the fog.  This lasted until turn 4.
The Battlefield from the Prussian side.  Prussians stacked up ready to advance the Lobosch Hill on the left, Homolkaberg on the right.  The Prussians advancing through the valley or saddle between the 2 hills.

Prussian elites - large units of 5 stands the village of Wchinitz is clearly visible

Austrians around the Morellenbach and in the Village of Sullowitz

Prussian Cavalry Brigade in the foreground
I pretty much watched and took shedloads of pictures while Dave and Ken's forces smashed against each other on the plain!  Some interesting reversals of history, but in the end, the Prussians snatched victory away from the Austrians although the final result was in question until the last turn.  Black Powder will do that to you!

Dave wanted to clear the Lobosch immediately and set his left wing upon it.  Ken had 2 "detachments" or small units of Grenzers on the opposite side waiting to advance up the slope and make the Prussian's miserable in the thickets and vineyards.

Prussian left wing moving out

Prussian center (AKA the guys painted by me)
Note the left wing moving out onto the Lobosch

Prussians engaging the Grenzers (Croats?)
  David moved the Prussian Cavalry (Cuirassiers and Dragoons) out onto the plain and Ken moved his Cuirassiers and Hussars out as well to meet them and a swirling Cavalry battle began.  One interesting note - I now know why some of the blogosphere were referring to the Prussian SYW Cavalry in Black Powder as the "Panzer Corps"!!

Swirling Cavalry Battle

Tough combat on the slopes of the Lobosch!
 Ken started moving his Austrians out to cross the Morellen Bach.  Ken had a bridge next to Sullowitz.  If the infantry crossed the Morellen Bach they would be disordered for a turn as if they were shot at.

Note the mass of Cavalry to the front as the Austrian corps moves out.

Austrians crossing the Morellen Bach.

The Cavalry Battle goes the Prussians' way and they get a "sweeping advance" move after the first combat.  Meanwhile the other combat goes the Austrian's way.  (Note my new MDF casualty markers!)

Clashing of sabers in the fog!

Both sides Cavalry are pretty much blown after the battles and both sides return to their respective sides to attempt to rally.  Ken realized that the Austrian Cavalry Brigade morale was probably busted and there are clear rules in BP for Brigade Morale.

Dave starts to move his elite reserve Brigade to the right to shake out the Prussian line as Ken's infantry corps move across the Morellen Bach.

The elites moving up to reinforce the Prussian line.

Ken's troops in Sullowitz

The Austrians slowly moving their way up to the front!

Dave's "panzer corps" shaking out into a new line.  Note the markers.  The "3" means they have 3 hits and are shaken.  Yellow beads are disorder markers.

Prussian Army Batteries.  Heavy Guns!

Prussians approach Lobositz and a firefight breaks out at the Elbe!

Ken's Heavy Battery scanning for targets

Old Trousers and FM Keith look on.
 The Prussian infantry approach Lobositz and trade fire with the Austrians and Hungarian regiments there.
The Prussians charge in!

Lobositz in center-top of picture

The Austrian column moves ever-forward!

Meanwhile the Prussian elites deploy to meet them.  

Battle of the elites as Austrian Grenadiers form to meet the Prussian Grenadiers!

 The combat on the Prussian left goes Dave's way and his Prussians advance while the Hungarians retreat into the village.
Prussian infantry moving up 

Prussian center wing advancing up to the Austrian guns!

The only things missing were fife and drum music, smoke, and straggler figures and this could have been a real SYW Battlefield!
 David moves his guns up from the center wing for support and gets an enfilading shot off on an Austrian Battalion.  Ouch!  Double dice!

 The final battle is shaping up as Dave advances against Ken's 2 x artillery batteries.  At some cost, Dave overruns the batteries and takes them out.  Next, Ken barricades the streets of Lobositz with an Austrian battalion and prepares a forlorn hope to hold out from the Prussian advance!

The Prussians advance to the very muzzle of the guns!

Austrian force in Lobositz preparing to hold out!

Meanwhile the infantry on Ken's left continue to deny the Prussians access to a Morellen Bach crossing!

The road is clear for an assault against Lobositz
 A nerve wracking finale as Ken's battalion in Lobositz wins the first round, but numbers eventually would have told and they could not hold out indefinitely given the turn limit.  It would have taken some time for reinforcements to arrive and it was starting to get late.  Ken conceded with the full knowledge that the Austrian left was still bristling with strength and bayonets!

The Austrians might have lost the village but they're far from defeated!

If you've made it this far I applaud your tenacity!  This was a very exciting game and I applaud Black Powder for its ability to handle a game like this with lots of moving parts and units and move the game along quickly enough to be played in an afternoon.  I'm not sure what more you could ask for than that?  We refought an entire battle of the Seven Years War!  That was with plenty of conversation, rules researching, and snacking.  I think this game went much better than our Volley & Bayonet debacle a couple months ago and I cannot wait to play another Black Powder game, perhaps with my 10mm Napoleonics next!


  1. Wonderful photos! I'm still whipping my Austrians into shape to help my Russians against my friend's Prussians.

  2. Thanks very enjoyable, I am going back in to read that again now .... with coffee in hand! Black Powder certainly seemed to do rather well.

    1. Norm,
      I personally felt Black Powder handled the battle perfectly. Ive played games with BP of up to 21 to 25 battalions on a side. It gives a quick and relatively clean game with clear results. That's why it's one of my favorites.

      Not to say there arent other, better rules out there, but Black Powder delivers on its promises nicely.

  3. Very inspirational table and figures. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. A smashing game, Black Powder is a solid set of rules and Lobositz is a damn good scenario too.

    1. It was an awesome game, Paul thanks for commenting. Your Lobositz battles were real inspirations!
      Im very happy with how Black Powder delivered!

  5. fantastic! One day I really want to play one of these with you!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the wrote ip brandon! You are always welcome to game with us!

  6. That's a helluva fight Steve, on a great looking table. I dream of someday having the toys painted to do something similar ;)


    1. Glad you liked the AAR, Jack. Im always afraid my board is too "parched" or deserty. For most of europe but the wife says leave it!

      Hey i cheated a little. Most of the infantry on the table were painted on commission!