Sunday, April 30, 2017

No Basement? NO PROBLEM! Outdoor 3D Print Cold War Kit Build

So with all of the craziness yesterday we were able to get caught up around the house prior to going up to celebrate my mother's birthday today.  In the morning though, I had some precious free time on my hands and turned the patio into a makeshift workshop to build some models.  3D PRINTED MODELS!

As most of you know if you've been following the blog, my basement is in shambles right now and all of my stuff is packed up or pushed to the center of the room.  Just wait until the floor needs to be installed....That being said, it hasn't been "too" difficult to get access to some of my supplies.

Butler's Printed Models BRDM-2 Platoon
 The selection of vehicles worked on today was mostly from my first Butler's Printed Models purchase, and a couple vehicles from "Bashytubits."  I thought I would do a small review of both of the lines on this post.

The BRDMs were a joy to prep for painting and the amount of "stuff" that had to be removed was not bad compared to the tanks and BMPs, which have huge amounts of extra stuff hanging off them.

The Butler's models are clean and crisp with lots of detail.  Next up are the rest of the BMP-2s from the first order.  I bought I think 4 more in the second order which will give me 12 BMP-2s if you don't count my "quality casting" ones, which I think I'll use for a  reconnaissance platoon now.

The Butler's models are a very hard plastic, but also a porous plastic so you have to go over a few times with the rattle can when priming them as they soak up alot of paint.  But overall, I'm VERY happy with them.

Bashytubits in the US is up next.  I bought a somewhat large order from them in the ballpark of 10 BTR-60s, 10 T-55 (I requested AM2 model but got the standard T-55.  That's OK by me though.  They'll look just fine on the table).

 The Bashytubits models have alot of extra material on them and require quite a considerable amount of effort to prep for painting.  They also have lots of lines, presumably a by-product of the printing process, which I think will turn some people off.  I've seen people on both TMP, and even my own blog go into a rage when they see a mold line on a 1/72 figure, so Bashytubits might not be the road they want to go.

That being said, they're completely worth the price at 5 dollars a model.  They're all going to die on the table (quickly) anyways and get covered in "smoke" and "blown up vehicle" markers anyways so I'm personally ok with the lines.  Look at it this way - you can pay Battlefront 40 dollars for 4 vehicles, or your can pay BTB 40 dollars for 8 models.  I chose BTB.

 Just dont say you weren't warned at the amount of crap you have to whittle off of them.

One of the BTR-60s

Next to the BRDMs for scale

The fleet I assembled today.  My hands were killing me after this.  Those are 6 x T-64s that will do double duty as T-80s when I need them to.

I love the look of the T-64.
And a German Leo II for you, of which I bought 4.  Again, lots of printing lines on this beast which I am personally ok with, but again, fair warning, some people might not be.

Last but not least, here is the pile of sh*t that I took off all of these vehicles.  The nice straight pieces that are along the tracks can easily be used to make a 15mm fence for terrain.  You better believe I will at least try!

This weekend the weather was very nice and I couldn't help but think I could have played some outstanding games of OUTDOOR CROSSFIRE under our covered patio.  I might give that a shot next weekend if the weather is similar!  Again, no basement?  NO PROBLEM!


  1. These look fantastic...
    I need to look at getting some of these in 20mm (scaled up) and also need to look at getting my 3D printer into action!

    1. I'm very happy with them Darren. Can't wait to paint them up. Yes you must get your printer working!
      I believe both of them (you'd probably want to go with Butler's since you're across the pond) have 20mm as a possibility.