Sunday, July 2, 2017

BIG Napoleonic Painting Commission Arrived!

Finally some more forward progress!  Last year, I sent a quite large chunk of my 15mm Napoleonics (okay, before Cold Wars, it was basically ALL of my 15mm Napoleonics) to my painter (Outland of Pennsylvania) who I met at Historicon last year.  If you remember, he also painted the majority of my Seven Years War Prussians and Austrians.  Phil gave me the best prices out of any of the painters I had met or previously done business with.

Just the British and Portuguese here

I figured if I'm ever going to get a good-sized Napoleonics game in this decade, I might as well pay Phil to paint them for me.

Phil delivered in a big way!  Not only did he pick the units I wanted, but he batched them in 24 to 30 figure "units" or "squadrons" exactly per my basing regimen and to a very high standard.

Included were bags of Old Glory and Warrior miniature Bavarians and Spaniards, Brits, Portuguese and French.  Generals, Artillery, Cavalry, and of course the Infantry.

Wrede and his Bavarian Generals

Sample of my Bavarians.  There is enough for 4 full Infantry units.  That tops my Bavarian collecting off.  I'm done now!

The full Bavarian force.  3 Cavalry units, 4 infantry units, generals and 9 gun sections with crew.

Bavarian Cavalry

A French General

Full French Force.  3 infantry units, 2 Cavalry Units, 3 guns, and lots of Generals

And onto the Brits, Portuguese, and Spaniards.  Phil did a terrific job painting up my Anglo-Allied forces for the Peninsula.  I can honestly say I dont have a need to buy any more Peninsula or 100 Days' troops.  My Portuguese and British Royal Artillery will probably pull double-duty standing in for one another but you might not be able to tell.

3 Full British units (24th Foot, 33rd Foot, and of course the Foot Guards!)  2 Cavalry Units, lots of Generals, the 60th and 95th Rifles, along with a host of Portuguese Infantry and Cacadores.
British Generals with Wellington at the top 
British Cavalry

Portuguese Infantry.  

Rifle Lights -  Lots of em!

Last but not least the Spaniards.  There's always a use for them.

That's it!  Cannot wait to base them and get them on the table.  Unfortunately no gaming this holiday weekend as the calendar is solidly booked.  Have a great week everyone!

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