Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Hobby Day

No gaming today as Dave is under the weather and I had a bunch of things to accomplish this weekend (of which I got about half done) but that left much of the afternoon for painting!  That's right, back to the grind with the 10mm Napoleonic production line and there are a few surprises to boot.

face painting...
I finally got around to painting up the Austrian command, cavalry, artillery, and of course more infantry for my upcoming Command & Colors Napoleonics Wagram Battle (Gross Enzersdorf).

I finished up 2 more Austrian infantry battalions, another Battery of artillery, and all of the commanders I'll need for this small slice of Wagram.

General Nordmann or Riese

2 additional Austrian commanders: Maver and Vecsey
Austrians with green facings
Austrians with blue facings 

Unfinished battery next to a mostly completed battery (actually in CCN I prefer to have 2 stands per artillery unit for effect)

 Oh I almost forgot about the Grenzers!  These are actually British lights and rifles that I painted up as Grenzers because why not?!  At this size on the table you will not be able to tell the difference.

Button Counter: "Hey!  upon close inspection one of them looks like Sean Bean and one looks like Daragh O'Malley!  THESE ARENT GRENZERS!"

A unit of Grenzers or lights. I'll use them as Lights for Wagram.

Impressive looking 2 x Battalions of troops lined up for parade.

5th Hussars are in the top left of the picture.  
And just in case you were wondering, Naps weren't the only things being painted today.  I was able to prep and spray some of my Bundeswehr vehicles for Battlegroup: REFORGER or Battlegroup NORTHAG or Team Yankee or etc etc.

The top 2 are finished and the bottom 2 had their stripes painted on today.  I'll be applying a wash and dry brushing to blend together.  

More of the troop.  3 x Roskopf Marders, an additional Leo I, and of course a PanzerMorser.  Oh and cant forget the Unimog truck!

Marders ready for their stripes

My Luchs vehicle with the stripes added today.

Not bad for a rattle can job.

The entire force!
  Well that's it.  Next weekend is a bust due to my daughter's birthday celebration so I wanted to get all the pics in that I reasonably could.  I hope everyone has a great week!  If we're caught up, I'll try and get a quick REFORGER game in this Friday.  


  1. Where do you get your Roskopf models? I thought the company was kaputt. Nice work, by the way.

    1. John,
      I got extremely lucky. A few years ago, Fidelis Models out if California had a huge, used shipment of Roskopf models in at between 2 to 4 dollars per model. I bought lots and lots of them. The going rate for one of these is roughly 10 bucks per model so i got a deal.

    2. Good for you. My old "hobby-hangout" in Allentown carried some and I picked a few up. They've disappeared over time... along with my Matchbox cars and my Legos. Adulthood is hard.

  2. Amen! Hey i thought Macs Hobby Hall in bethelehem was your old hangout :)

    1. No. Bloch's Hobby Shop when it was on Seventh Street.

  3. first picture caption should be "gallant princess tries to free herself from clutches of evil troll - wielding nothing but a paintbrush!"

    1. LoL yes thats a good description. Although this gallant princess was in to create as much mischief as possible.

  4. LOL that figure at the start getting some face highlights I see :)

    Looking forward to Reforger. Pics look really good.

    1. Lol yes Darren the painter thought the figure needed sone highlights!

      Hopefully i can get a game in and blog about it this week. Watch this space.

  5. Very nice! I was just climbing over a Leo 1 on the weekend in fact! :-)

    1. Outstanding Paul. Any weekend where you can climb on a Leo MBT is time well spent!