Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Talavera Project: Kickoff

My hiatus from WWII begins with a brief sojourn into Napoleonics for a nice and easy project - Talavera, 1809!

It was my intention to fight this battle using Volley & Bayonet a long time ago, so I have some research done into it already.  This time, I'll be using a tried and true set of rules - Mr Neil Thomas' NAPOLEONIC WARGAMING rules, which allow for a simple, easy, and BIG battle to be fought complete with all the trimmings.  I'll be using my 15mm Napoleonic troops that I've amassed over the years.

I'm no stranger to these rules at all, and have played many games of them so there shouldn't be any issue in regards to rules.  (click on the links for some back history and previous games).

Right now I'm organizing my forces into Corps, flocking the existing French and British 15mm troops, and basing the Spanish.  Many, more than half, of the troops are from my huge Napoleonic painting commission.  from 2016. It's about time I get the lot of them based and/or flocked.  

As we progress further into July, I'll delve a little into terrain preparations for the battle as well.  Since the "real thing" was fought on 28 July, I'm right on schedule!

Here are the French forces assembled for review.  2 x Corps of regular line infantry and their supporting arms, as well as a Cavalry Division and the Madrid Garrison consisting of the elite Guard troops.

2 x Full Corps, with each unit representing a Brigade sized formation.  Each Corps will have 7 Brigades, along with supporting artillery, cavalry, and a light battalion (detachment) for skirmishing.

Serious mustaches.

Officers of the Regiments.

Corps Commander reviewing the brigades.  The infantry in this picture were painted by me.

An aide.

Staff officers.

Corps Artillery.  Enough batteries to support 1 x "Division" each or 3.5 Brigades of Infantry.

Light Battalion / Detachment.  Each Corps has 1

Cavalry Division.  

The Guard.

An additional Corps Battery.

An additional Corps awaits its flock.


That's all for now.  If time allows, I may be able to play a CCN Waterloo game this summer as well.  Stay tuned!  The British coming up soon.


  1. Fine looking French Army, Steven! Most look like Old Glory 15s to me. Most of my Empire period 15mm Napoleonic figures are Old Glory too. Fine sculpts with much character. I look forward to your Talavera battle as well as parade review of Spanish and British armies.

    1. Jonathan,
      You have good eyes, sir! Yes, probably 90% of them are Old Glory which have always been my favorite figures for Napoleonics and also SYW. There are some Khurasan, AB, Minifigs interspersed throughout but the majority of them are OG.

      The Spaniards are Warrior Miniatures and they will be coming up soon. Stay tuned!

    2. OG SYW 15s are excellent! Better than their Napoleonics, I think.

    3. You got that right Jonathan. Theyre gorgeous figs!

  2. Looks fantastic. Look forward to this. I'd look at doing a lot of Peninsular myself - but need to do some Spanish plastics.
    Will be interesting to see the rules in play again.

    1. Thank you Darren. I picked those rules because they are familiar and simple and give a cracking game! I'd like to focus on the strategy and tactics for the battle! More to follow - watch this space!

  3. Looking good Steve, I have the NT book and do love Napoleoncs, so will follow with great interest.