Thursday, August 4, 2011

The One Hour Challenge

I wanted to see if it could be done.  Painting a "Brigade" of Troops (in Fire & Fury terms) in one hour.  Well here you have the results!  A dismal failure.  Almost as embarrassing as McClellan on the Peninsula...  OK maybe not that bad but all I was able to do was slather some acrylic basecoat on the troops and get their frock coats painted.  I took a pic right at the start, and at the end.

I did make some progress - but it's impossible to respectably paint 23 15mm troops in under an hour.  Huzzah!  (by the way, these are troops of Meredith's "Iron Brigade" of Wadsworth's Division of the 1st Corps (Reynolds in Command) rated at 9/6/4 in  Fire and Fury.)

Here they are in their unpainted glory.

Some have faces, others have their basecoat and some blue on them.

One hour later - based and frock coats all done.  Not a bad showing but an impossible task!

The Iron Brigade so far.  Will finish them up today after I  get some things done and re-post.

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