Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fields for Crossfire (and other games)

More tips and tricks from "Steven's Balagan" for the blog tonight.  I purchased "some" sand colored carpet "peel and stick" tiles and they seem to be the perfect scale for 15mm fields.  I'm going to cut these up (most of them) to make more irregular shaped fields for Crossfire.

threw some snake rail fencing and hedges around it.

The table just keeps getting better and better!
And an ACW Regiment in as well.  I love how these look.

What hedge gate would be complete without a German sniper?

 My New Year's resolution for upping my game with terrain is off to a rousing start!

Table so far


  1. Looking good, Steve. I love my Hotz Mats felt fields, but long-nap carpet does a better job of looking like crops that block line of sight, and they look great dressed up with the clump foliage and fencing.


    1. Thanks Jack. Next step is to cut these babies into irregular shapes. Looking forward to getting them in a game.

  2. Looks good. If you want some smaller fields, both Home Depot and Lowe's have 4" square carpet samples.