Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DAK Panzer IV Ausf D

Continuing the Afrika Korps theme for this month, I am posting an 80% complete Panzer IV short-barrel that will be used in an infantry-support role in my BKC / GHQ / Command Decision Afrika Korps force.

This is a Zvezda 1/100 scale model and you can think this particular model for me even starting an AK force to begin with!  I ordered it by accident and didn't have a use for it with my Mid-War Eastern Front or late War Western Front forces.

I finished building 3 Zvezda Panzer IIIG's but cannot paint them because I am out of spray paint!!!  I will admit though, they look pretty sweet.  To round them out, I included a PSC Panzer III and together they look awesome.  I cannot wait to put them on the table-top and throw some dice!  Huzzah!

The cross looks like crap but the Afrika Korps symbol came out great!

White dry brush on the hard lines really brings out the detail of the kit.

All in all, a nice kit and was fun to build.

The business end...


  1. Hey Steven, I've been lurking around your blog, and I've seen some very nice things. Very nice figures and vehicles. And you're a very good painter!

    Thanks for the information you posted on my blog!


  2. Thank you very much, Peter, you are too kind!