Friday, November 15, 2013

Steve Plays Flames of War...

I have been reading the starter rules for Open Fire, the Flames of War game I received last Christmas.  Tonight I broke out some of my miniatures that were painted and threw them on the table to try out FoW.
time to use my snazzy markers..

bogged down baby!!!  first time attempting to roll a tank into the woods and this happens to me.
It was fun but there was something missing.  I can't quite put my finger on what's missing.  Maybe while I'm writing this blog post, I'll figure it out?  Onto the action.

I played a quick tank on tank game and a quick infantry on infantry game.  I'll admit a few things here - the infantry action is alot of fun because there are literally buckets of dice thrown.  1 per Rate of Fire of each team with HMGs getting 6 dice!  So I'm throwing 12 to 16 dice per fire step, just for one large infantry platoon.  awesome!  how can I miss!?!?!

buckets of dice

Germans rolling out past the American objective.  Yes that's a tiger in the background.  It handled an entire US tank platoon on its own.

German infantry platoon moving out

US GI's moving towards their battle position

 The American Shermans move out towards their objective and immediately come under fire from the Tiger and Stug IIIs.  Not good.  First hit causes a "bail out" and the rest of the Shermans head for cover.

Lucky hit from the US Tank Destroyers!  Actually 2 hits the tank on the right bailed out.

GI platoon dug in!  Very hard to kill.

3 Shermans knocked out and the other 2 fail their motivation test and bug out

Stug in the woods

Germans in the woods

MG 42 set up and hammering away at the US troops dug in.

The Germans make their move and break from cover to weed out the GIs!

Eventually the Germans make it to the American positions and get in close and initiate an assault, only to be beaten back by heavy American fire and pinned down.  Assault is over, although it's too late as German amor pours into the objective, winning the game for Gerry.

A cracking good time although I'm not sure if FoW is the game for me, I will not rule it out.  I like the system, the buckets of dice, the light hearted way the rule book lays out combat, and the combat model itself.  Overall rating?  Steve will play again, either with people or solo, but it doesn't beat BKC in my humble opinion...


  1. Interesting. Is that 6mm (1/300) scale?

    1. No Sean, it's 15mm 1/100 scale. These vehicles and troops were all painted up and based for Crossfire, BKC, and a few other platoon-based games. Lots of fun though. I'll play again.