Friday, November 1, 2013

WWII 15mm British Paras: Operation Market Garden

I took advantage of an opportunity this Friday evening and finished off a couple projects that were begging to be finished.  I had a regiment of Orcs waiting to be based and these Brits that also needed finished.  I plan on fielding a Battalion of British Paras with some support weapons to hold and defend their LZs from prowling German Panzers...

Not bad.  I didn't mess around with their camo too much.  Simple brown and tan added to the dark green smocks.
My coworker is a huge board wargame enthusiast but has not played miniature wargames so soon I'll be introducing him to Volley & Bayonet via an AWI game (Freeman's Farm).  Next up, after we play another board wargame, we'll play BKC or GHQ, specifically a Market Garden scenario.

Colonel Frost?  I think this figure was originally his XO (the fellow holding the umbrella) but I will have him as the boss himself

A company moving off the Landing Zone

if you look closely, you can see the PIAT

The additional smock had to stand out.  So i painted it tan with green and brown splotches.

pay no attention to the AWI guys in the background....(prepping to playtest the Freeman's Farm scenario)


  1. Beautiful figures...and pictures!

  2. Excellent - nice to see some Peter Pig figures. I've got to get some painted, the 15mm pile is to large!

    1. Thank you, Dannoc! I agree, I had to start chipping away at the huge pile of lead in my basement.