Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gettysburg Day 2: The Peach Orchard Setup

Last night I grabbed my old Osprey "Military Order of Battle Series: Gettysburg Day 2 Union" and set up a classic rematch between 2 American Civil War heavy-weights.  Barksdale and Kershaw's assault against the III US Corps salient along the Emmittsburg Road on the afternoon of July 2nd.

Peach Orchard is visible in the lower left of the road intersection where the Wheatfield Road meets the Emmittsburg Road.

I'm going to use the Black Powder rules for this classic and brutal Civil War battle and I'm hoping the results are better than when I attempted it with Volley & Bayonet in 6mm.

68th Pennsylvania

 It's been slightly scaled down and some regiments are missing, especially the understrength ones as I didn't have the figures to spare.  Still though, the terrain and setup I think almost perfectly capture the flavor of this textbook assault and I'm looking forward to playing it out possibly this evening.

The Pennsylvania Regiments tuck in for the assault.  57th and 105th Pennsylvania Regiments

Barksdale's Mississippians form for the attack!

Barksdale with darker hair.

The Wentz property, with its new III Corps landlords.  Bucklyn's Artillery and  the 141st Pennsylvania.

Phillips' Battery, anchoring the position

Graham's Brigade

Colonel Graham

This unit was most certainly NOT a Zuoave unit but what the heck.

So while I'm missing some Regiments, I think this will be a fun battle.  I am reading up on Black Powder's period rules for the ACW.  I want to make sure Barksdale's regiments are suitably "pissed off" and aggressive like they were during the real battle.  While the PA Regiments gave an incredible accounting of themselves, their courage was simply not enough to hold off Barksdale and Kershaw.

An excerpt from "George Meade and his role in the Gettysburg Campaign" regarding the business with III Corps:

"The army commander was annoyed and astonished to see the III Corps ill the exposed position at the Peach Orchard. Sickles said coolly that Meade could reinforce the III Corps, and pointed out that his new position was on elevated ground. "General Sickles," replied Meade sternly, "this is in some respects higher ground than that to your rear; but there is still higher ground in front of you, and if you keep on advancing you will find constantly higher ground all the way to the mountains." When Sickles offered to withdraw his corps to its old position on Cemetery Ridge, Meade declared: "I wish to God you could, Sir, but you see those people do not intend to let you." The Confederates gave emphasis to Meade's remark by launching at that moment their heavy attack against the III Corps. Assuring Sickles that he would reinforce him, Meade rode back to army headquarters"


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    1. John,
      I hope they fare better than their historical counterparts!

  2. Nice set-up, beautiful minis and terrain!

  3. What a great set-up, looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    I visited the Battlefield in 2001 - a very memorable experience