Saturday, February 7, 2015

Unwelcome Visitor

No, it's not a WW2 sea-mine although that would be cool.  Instead, it's the latest unwelcome visitor to my home also known as "the flu."  This bout was particularly nasty and I'm waiting for my wife and daughter to come down with it next.  While I'm on the mend now, painting is certainly out of the question as my basement is cold and damp and exacerbates my symptoms as you can imagine.  Some sick days are welcome little "mental breaks" and in this case, I'd have taken the office any day!

So instead of complaining about it more, I'll give some updates on what I was up to prior to this microscopic company stopping by:

Complete the crew for my 15mm SYW Austrian Artillery (gun is finished)
Complete the gun/crew for my 15mm SYW Prussian Artillery
Completing builds of my PSC 15mm Panzer IIIMs and Ns for BGK.
Finally building some 15mm Panthers (PSC)
basecoating the next Napoleonic Infantry Battalion.
Completing the carrier platoon for my WWII Canadians (first infantry platoon is finished!!)
Completing my 15mm Bundeswehr Infantry Platoon for Battlegroup Modern.


  1. Get well soon mate. The painting will wait for a while.

  2. Plenty to do just waiting for a well person to tackle them. It is my belief that 'man-flu' was 'designed' to keep cave-blokes feeling below par from trying to foot it in the wild with sabre-toothed tigers, rampaging aurochs, woolly mammoths and such. Or, more accurately, blokes were designed to react to flu in the way they do for the same reason.

    1. That's a good point Archduke. Gosh, just reading that makes me want to crawl under a rock and go to sleep!

  3. You seem to have got the focus right on that camera now, judging by the virus shot Steven!

    I have heard that super glue does wonders for the sinus mate. Simply apply it to plastic or metal parts in front of the TV.

    Get well soon.

    1. Paul,
      If I could take pictures like that with this camera I'd quit my day job! Thanks for the extra motivation and inspiration. I will post some pics of some builds soon.

      I'm always amazed at the ills that can be cured with a little application of testor's model cement to plastic!