Friday, February 12, 2016

Cold War Progress: Fast Movers M113s & Ground Pounders! [lots of pics!]

So really not as much progress as I'd like in NATO's central front, but it's still progress!  So far I'm about 65% on some Cold War air-to-ground strike heavyweights, M113s in MERDC, and almost finished with my "Team Yankee" US Mech platoon.  Just have 1.5 more SAW fireteams to go, and 1 more Dragon team....

By the way, regardless of what rules you play, if you play 15mm World War III, then you NEED THESE FIGURES.  They are some of the best sculpts I've seen.  And coming from someone who has worn LBE, PASGT, for quite a few years, I can tell you that painting them brings back memories!  (the uniforms and kit are very authentic.)

 Unfinished SU-25 Frogfoot pair for "Team Yankee" They are Academy 1/144 models
A-10 Warthog for "Team Yankee" I'm only going to use these 2 colors on him but will definitely clean up this paintjob.
Frogfoots inbound!  

So the Frogfoot models will get the "Red Star" treatment, as well as some touch up paint to the fuselage, canopies painted, and some paint chipping applied.  By the way, let me just say that these models were 9 bucks each, and much cheaper than their Battlefront counterparts.  But they were also a significant pain in the a** to build.

A-10 needs the weapons and hardpoints painted.  As well as decals and some light wear and tear added on but you get the idea.  I'll also clean up the paintjob on this guy, too.

SU-17/22 Fitter!  Love this plane and the model was super easy to assemble.  I've been having some really bad luck painting him but you get the idea.  Not sure if I'm going to paint the other 2 in the same camo scheme.  I might make them straight olive drab.  We'll see.
 Next up are a platoon of M113s in MERDC camo.  This may sound funny, but I'm not going to apply to black wash to any more of them.  Probably just a very, very light dry brush but needless to say I'm happy enough with how these guys turned out.  I promise here and now that this is the LAST coat of paint these Roskopf tracks will ever receive!

Paul F - the stowage and kit is for you!

Moving into town at top speed!

Hope you like the MERDC.  This is "poor man's MERDC and I used Model Master Olive Drab spray for the winter field drab.  I'm very happy with these colors especially considering I didn't have to buy any new paint!

The Team so far.  Still waiting for their MERDC scheme.  Right now I've got 3 M1s on their way in the mail, as well as the Improved TOW Vehicle (ITV) and Vulcan Air Defense  (VADS) sections.  They will add some much-needed punch to the force since I'm infantry heavy and light on tanks.
 My US force is almost finished.  Still waiting on 3 M1s coming in the mail, as well as my ITVs and VADS sections.  I also have the mortar section to complete and paint and I'll be finished.  That will absolutely complete the team and bring a very large component of a project to completion.  (yeah and after that I have all those Bradleys and M551 Sheridans to complete....)

 Lastly the infantry.  Couldn't be happier with these guys.  Although I should have used the Vallejo khaki instead of the cheap stuff but it gets the point across.

US SAW Fireteam.

And we'll finish things out with some Fast Mover eye candy!

Frogfoots spot a NATO assembly area!


  1. Really great progress. Can't wait to see your next battle. This stuff looks great.

    Though the modern 15mm appeals, I'm thinking actually of expanding my 10mm skytrex stuff, since their moderns range is now back. I have a few pieces, and don't want to start another scale ...too many minis, too little time GRRR

    1. Thanks Darren. Honestly, you're better off. For a few years I really wish I had converted all my miniatures to 10mm (ancients, fantasy, Horse & Musket, and Modern). There is an excellent range of Cold War 10mm stuff out there from minifigs. Great price and good for a 6 x 4 table!

  2. Well done that man!

    This all looks splendid Steven. Really impressed at your progress mate. I appreciate the stowage ;)

    1. Glad you like them all, Paul. I'll try and post individual posts of the aircraft when they're finished. The A-10 is going to take awhile longer so I plan on finished the Frogfoot pair first along with the Fitter.

      Glad you like the stowage. I threw it on there to make them different from the other platoon.

  3. Great work- love the planes. After seeing them I think I'll go for 1/144th scaled ones for modern aircraft.



    1. Thanks Pete - if you're doing 15mm or 20mm, I think 1/144 aircraft is definitely the way to go.
      The models are a little finicky but the money you'll save can be put back into buying more miniatures!

  4. Great work. I really like how your woodland BDU's came out. MERDC looks great as well.

    1. Thank you sir! If only I could do some other camo patterns in 15mm like I do the woodland! The MERDC was a lot of fun and I think fits the bill enough for my liking.