Wednesday, February 24, 2016

US Multi Cam / Scorpion OCP Camouflage

Well it's been awhile coming but I was finally able to work a little bit on some 15mm US ultra-modern troops.  These would, of course, be Global War on Terror (GWOT) Soldiers wearing either Multi-Cam or the Army's new "Scorpion" operational camouflage pattern (OCP).  Figures are a mix of Khurasan and Rebel minis 15mm and I am very pleased with how they turned out, especially for 15mm.

hard to see any detail at 15mm, so most of the color variations are small "blobs" and "squiggles"
 The colors I used and the order I used them, turn out to be very important.

Base is GW Death World Forest.  Green blobs are "VJ Luftwaffe Green" and smaller dark squiggles are "VJ German Camo Black Brown".  Then finally, applied either right atop or directly next to the dark squiggles are apple barrel khaki.

"But Steve, why not use vallejo khaki?"  That's a good question.  too dark.  The AB Khaki which is brighter turned out to be perfect for this particular combination.

move out people!  Azimuth One Two Seven degrees!

At 15mm it's hard to get the little spots to look right unless you really use a very small brush.  So I opted for a color combination that looked good enough.  I think these guys are acceptable for wargaming service.

Here's the real thing.  Again, from a distance the khaki just look like more squiggles, and there aren't very many dots, either. 

That's about all for progress now.  Too much stuff to do lately, but at least I'm painting something!  More Cold War stuff coming up - Soviet Hinds, US Apaches, in addition to Soviet infantry that need to be painted up.  Then on to more vehicles.  A box of Soviet T-72s


  1. Very cool. With 15mm it's not as important to get the colors dead on as it is to get the right "feeling". If we painted real colors they would likely turn out too dark and all the details would be lost. Shapes and colors that are less than 4 inches in scale size would be all but invisible.

    Hey, is that Vallejo pumice on those bases?!

    1. I think the base color is extremely important for OCP. It's a very pale green and a pale brown (pale brown that i did not include because there would be too many colors).

      The "feel" is best acquired by the addition of the tan blobs and dots, close to the dark colors. I am not sure that was achieved with these guys because I would need a smaller brush.

      The intent I believe is to trick the eyes.

    2. Oh it's GW sand! I am saving the pumice for my Portuguese and Brits!